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 Welcome to Eleven Gables "Blogger Stylin' Home Tours, Fall 2014" edition!  

If you are here from Retro Ranch Reno, I am so excited to have you!  Thank you, to the darling Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co., for inviting me to be a part of this fun tour.   

This is our home, Eleven Gables.  We recently just endured a 16 month overhaul of the entire kitchen, laundry room/butler's pantry, porch, and exterior.  If you haven't seen those rooms, YOU MUST!

Our home is nestled in a quiet little community in Oklahoma.  It is filled with thrifted finds, antiques, hand-me-downs, DIY's, and craigslist scores.  As my favorite decorator, Charles Faudree, would say:  It's all about the mix.
I share our home in hopes that it will inspire you in one way or another.  If you drop by unexpectedly, I guarantee you it will not look like the pictures.  What you will see is a family enjoying life and living.  There will be socks on the floor and handprints on the wall and I can assure you that you will have to step over or move something at least once to get where you are going.  We are so grateful for our home.  Our prayer is that it blesses those who enter.  

I typically scatter white, ghost pumpkins throughout the landscape. It is still in the upper 80's, lower 90's for the temps here in Oklahoma and my pumpkin supplier (a.k.a. the cheapest place in town) hasn't received his shipment yet.  So, I am going to warm up the interior with some Fall decor and invite you in for a little peek!  


You all, these topiaries are FAUX!  I was so sick of buying new ones every year only for them to die or half-die.  I finally invested in these and I LOVE them!!

A french basket filled with wheat and burning bush stems hangs on the door.

The entryway:

This pumpkin was an offspring of last year's pumpkins that were set out in the field by my home.  We leave them there for the various critters to munch on during the winter months.  Cut and dried hydrangea from the landscape stays so pretty during the bleak winter months.

The Italian Florentine lamp was found thrifting in Kansas City years ago.  It has been waiting in my lamp stash for the perfect shade (yes, I hoard lamps... and chairs... I have a problem)
 I recovered this lampshade and added greek key trim on the inside for a fun surprise.  I used a tutorial from pinterest.

The dining room:

This pheasant comes out every Fall to grace my table.  My Dad is an avid hunter and gave this pheasant to my Grandma years ago.  When I got married, she gave it to me for my home.  On the off season, I let my son keep it in his room.

I keep contemplating painting this cabinet, but really, I am just hunting for the perfect french sideboard.

Pine cones, Antlers, Wheat, and Maples... a typical Oklahoma Fall!

Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows.... need I say more?

I always wanted a bundle of wheat like this, so this year I made my own.  It was painstaking to remove all the little spiky wisps from the ends, but I conquered it during various soccer practices.  This is four bundles of wheat from Hobby Lobby with the ends removed.
Preserved maple leaves add a touch of color while I wait patiently for our maples to change color.

The burlap pumpkins are from Target this year! 

A butler's tray makes the perfect drink station for yummy cocktails!  Come back when the weather cools and I will share our delicious go-to beverage for a chilly Fall day.

This view is looking in to the living room on the left and entryway on the right.  The walls aren't really yellow, but a much creamier color.  Unfortunately, the front and back porches block much of the natural light in these rooms.  We recently painted over the red dining room, gold entry way, and glazed brown living room.  This color has freshened up the whole house.  I would love to paint the woodwork, but that is for another year... ;)

Fall is a perfect season to leave the french doors open and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

I love the beautiful aspect of using feathers to decorate with in the Fall.  These have been in my collection for almost 20 years.  Trays help gather my arrangements.

The view from the family room into the living room:

Tucking a pumpkin here and there helps bring Fall into our home.

White mums tucked in a blue and white foot bath are a quick and easy centerpiece. My mom, the hostess with the mostest, taught me this trick as a young girl.  She always tucked annuals into various containers for wedding or baby showers held in her home.  After the shower, she would pop the plant into the landscape.  This is such an easy, inexpensive solution for a quick centerpiece!

Adding gold to my coasters was inspired by my friend, Kristin, over at Bliss At Home.
I DIY'd my own agate coasters using THIS tutorial!  It was so easy!

The view from the porch:

To see more of the porch, visit it here

Thank you for joining me in this tour!  Come back soon and I'll show you some peeks of Halloween here at Eleven Gables and on Instagram.  

To see what we are up to day-to-day, follow me here on Instagram!

Next up on the tour is the fabulous Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

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Favorite Room Friday Feature at Savvy Southern Style

The ever fabulous Kim is featuring my Favorite Room on her blog, Savvy Southern Style, today!  I am absolutely over-the-moon to be asked to guest post on such a GORGEOUS blog!  Which room do you think I picked?

Have you been to Kim's blog?  I love that Mr. Savvy calls their home "the estate."  He is absolutely right!  The landscape is lush and the rooms are divinely appointed.  Kim is an all around "jack-of-all-trades."  She can paint, decorate, thrift, and DIY with the best of them!  My favorite room of Kim's is her Family Room.
She mixes Staffordshire, Ironstone, Antler Mounts, French and English Antiques, much like myself, yet the room remains cozy and inviting... somewhere you would want to curl up with your laptop and read blogs.

I mean look at the chandelier, the European stag mount, the dog painting!!! 

If I stop by Savvy Southern Style's estate, these dog trophies will be my party favor!

The scales, the lamp, the board, the staffordshire, the antique grain sacks!

See what I mean?  Go read about my favorite room, and while you are there, peruse this beautiful blog.  Make sure and leave Kim a comment, telling her how you found her and how much you love her blog!  

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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Fall In Love Room Makeover Party

This fall, I will be working on making over a room in my home.  I chose a room that was once our precious nursery, but quickly became a guest room, then my oldest son's room.  In the hustle and bustle of moving the boys' rooms around, I never quite got done with decorating this room.  This son collects bones and artifacts that he finds in the woods by our home.  Those "collections" pile up in his room.  I just threw out some random tooth in my washing machine yesterday....  Ahhhh, the life of a boy mom.

As embarrassing as it is, I am going to show you what the room looks like RIGHT NOW.  Keep in mind this is my 11-year-old, hunter/gatherer's room.  He is not my tidiest of children.
 We purchased this bed frame a few months ago off Craigslist and I quickly wrapped some material around the box spring. 

 I actually cleaned and organized his bedside shelf and desk FOUR days ago.  You would never know.

 The dresser is left over from my Shabby Chic Vintage Nursery.  It is original paint and original glass hardware.  My son hates it.

The pale blue window treatments are also leftover from the nursery.  They have a blackout liner, which make this room dark and cozy for my sleepy tween.  My son is begging me for Camouflage walls, bedding, and window treatments.  Hmmmm.  What do you think?

I have some handsome details in mind for this room!  I will be working on it for the next six weeks and popping in here and there to give you an update.  

In the meantime, go see what my blogging friends are up to in their spaces.  I am anxiously awaiting their final reveals.

Thank you to Cassie, from Primitive and Proper, for hosting this "Fall in Love" series and including my blog among these fabulous blogs.
See you next week with an update!  For day-to-day happenings in the life of Eleven Gables, follow me on INSTAGRAM!


Blogger Stylin' Home Tour: Fall edition

It is Fall! Yay!  I always look forward to the changing seasons here in Oklahoma. Summer has been fun, but fall will be a welcome change!  I am doing a little fall decorating here at Eleven Gables.  

I'll have a full tour back here on Friday as part of the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours Fall 2014 hosted by The White Buffalo Styling Co.  Be sure to start there and go through the list.  I am sure you will be as inspired as I have been!!

The line-up of bloggers is AMAZING!  I am so excited to be included among such talent!  

Have a wonderful time perusing these blogs this week!  I'll see you back here on FRIDAY!  Mark your calendars.  In the meantime, follow me day-to-day on Instagram!


p.s.  Happy Birthday to my much older and wiser sister and best friend today!  I love you!    

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party 

At our house, the first friend birthday party happens when you turn five.  Our youngest son has been talking about his "Star Wars Party" for a year now.  Every couple of weeks he would ask if he was five yet.  Excitement was an understatement when we told him it was "almost" time.  He carried his little invitation list of friends around for weeks.  We planned the party for a Friday, then found out three days before the party that his first soccer game was scheduled for the same time.  UGH!  Rescheduled it to Saturday late afternoon.  Then, all day Saturday, it rained.  and rained.  and rained.  God parted the clouds exactly TEN minutes before the party!  Hallelujah!  We scrambled to get everything put out on the porch and in the yard.  It was perfect!

I made the tassel garland while waiting for the rain to pass.  Tutorial link at the bottom of this page.

This boy is beyond excited!

Black Paper Lanterns mimic the Death Star.
Darth Vader 3D PiƱata was leftover from a nephew's party, but my sister saved it because, well, look at it!  It is awesome decor! and now it's discontinued.

I downloaded this font to make the labels and sign.

I taped the food labels to my boys' star wars figures, the taped the figures to the bowls.

R2D2 H2O in the house!
Here is the link to print your own:

The menu included:
Imperial Pizza
Wookie Cookies
Light Sabers
Vader Veggie Sith Sticks
Thermal Detonators
R2D2 H2O

Please spell "REFUEL" correctly!  I literally made this 2 minutes before the party and didn't even check it.  Sorry about that!!  :)  Dang autocorrect doesn't work when you need it most! LOL!

Becoming a Jedi...
I had a basket of costumes near the door that the boys could pick out something to wear.  Thank goodness for the after Halloween costume sales, I think we own every Star Wars costume!

Boys picking out and trying on costumes

I made light sabers out of pool noodles.  There are plenty of tutorials out there, but I made my own because I had a couple trials and errors and wanted to save y'all the grief. 

 FYI, pool noodles are NOT easy to locate after swimming season.   Amazon has them in all colors!  I should have checked there before driving to TEN stores! :)

Balloons are all set out ready for Jedi Training

The boys weaved in and out of the balloons with light sabers learning the tactical skills of a Jedi.

Astroid Hunt
Candy wrapped in foil balls were hidden around much like an Easter Egg hunt.  

After all that work, the boys couldn't wait to dig in to their snacks.

Party like a Wookie
After the traditional birthday song and opening of presents, the boys just wanted to PLAY!  Thankfully, my older sons had that under control.

I made this little R2D2 years ago (before the days of Pinterest) for my older son to use as his Valentine box.  I honestly thought I thought it up all on my own, but I have seen lots on Pinterest now.  Maybe they all copied mine... ha ha!!

Party Favors
(the reason every kid goes to a party, right?)

Lego Star Wars starships for each boy

Nerd's Rope Light Sabers & Galactic M&M-pires

Thank you to Duck Tape for the awesome StarWars duck tape!  The boys loved it!

Here is the Tassel Garland Tutorial I followed.  I used a plastic tablecloth because I wanted an outdoor tassel garland that would withstand getting a tiny bit damp.

It is always fun to have a home party.  I think they are the parties my boys love the most!

If you are inspired to have your own Star Wars party,
May the Force be with you!



I love to share my resources with my readers.  Affiliated links are used.