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Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party 

At our house, the first friend birthday party happens when you turn five.  Our youngest son has been talking about his "Star Wars Party" for a year now.  Every couple of weeks he would ask if he was five yet.  Excitement was an understatement when we told him it was "almost" time.  He carried his little invitation list of friends around for weeks.  We planned the party for a Friday, then found out three days before the party that his first soccer game was scheduled for the same time.  UGH!  Rescheduled it to Saturday late afternoon.  Then, all day Saturday, it rained.  and rained.  and rained.  God parted the clouds exactly TEN minutes before the party!  Hallelujah!  We scrambled to get everything put out on the porch and in the yard.  It was perfect!

I made the tassel garland while waiting for the rain to pass.  Tutorial link at the bottom of this page.

This boy is beyond excited!

Black Paper Lanterns mimic the Death Star.
Darth Vader 3D PiƱata was leftover from a nephew's party, but my sister saved it because, well, look at it!  It is awesome decor! and now it's discontinued.

I downloaded this font to make the labels and sign.

I taped the food labels to my boys' star wars figures, the taped the figures to the bowls.

R2D2 H2O in the house!
Here is the link to print your own:

The menu included:
Imperial Pizza
Wookie Cookies
Light Sabers
Vader Veggie Sith Sticks
Thermal Detonators
R2D2 H2O

Please spell "REFUEL" correctly!  I literally made this 2 minutes before the party and didn't even check it.  Sorry about that!!  :)  Dang autocorrect doesn't work when you need it most! LOL!

Becoming a Jedi...
I had a basket of costumes near the door that the boys could pick out something to wear.  Thank goodness for the after Halloween costume sales, I think we own every Star Wars costume!

Boys picking out and trying on costumes

I made light sabers out of pool noodles.  There are plenty of tutorials out there, but I made my own because I had a couple trials and errors and wanted to save y'all the grief. 

 FYI, pool noodles are NOT easy to locate after swimming season.   Amazon has them in all colors!  I should have checked there before driving to TEN stores! :)

Balloons are all set out ready for Jedi Training

The boys weaved in and out of the balloons with light sabers learning the tactical skills of a Jedi.

Astroid Hunt
Candy wrapped in foil balls were hidden around much like an Easter Egg hunt.  

After all that work, the boys couldn't wait to dig in to their snacks.

Party like a Wookie
After the traditional birthday song and opening of presents, the boys just wanted to PLAY!  Thankfully, my older sons had that under control.

I made this little R2D2 years ago (before the days of Pinterest) for my older son to use as his Valentine box.  I honestly thought I thought it up all on my own, but I have seen lots on Pinterest now.  Maybe they all copied mine... ha ha!!

Party Favors
(the reason every kid goes to a party, right?)

Lego Star Wars starships for each boy

Nerd's Rope Light Sabers & Galactic M&M-pires

Thank you to Duck Tape for the awesome www.DuckBrand.com StarWars duck tape!  The boys loved it!

Here is the Tassel Garland Tutorial I followed.  I used a plastic tablecloth because I wanted an outdoor tassel garland that would withstand getting a tiny bit damp.

It is always fun to have a home party.  I think they are the parties my boys love the most!

If you are inspired to have your own Star Wars party,
May the Force be with you!



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  1. i loved this post because it brought back so many memories of my "baby boy" when he loved R2D2 and anything Star Wars (he just turned 40 this past summer)!!!! Yikes, where did the time go?

    I love your blog and your home...first time commenter but I've been following along for a while.

    1. Thank you, Judy! My husband is 40-ish and still loves all things Star Wars. He even lets our boys play with all of his old toys. Great meeting you here! xox

  2. that is my kind of party! looks amazing!

  3. wow! This is so fun! You are so creative :) xoxo

  4. What an awesome party. Can't show my son this though ;) he'll be jealous

  5. Such a cute party and I loved that you dressed up too!

  6. Love it! Will be using ur awesome ideas!!
    Thanks so much..❤️

  7. Great party ideas!! Thank u for posting pics!
    Love love love


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