Living Room Updates at Eleven Gables

Happy Friday!!

Remember last January when I talked HERE about redoing our fireplace?  Well, my sweet better half put me on a little remodel freeze for the year 2015, but guess what?  It's 2016, baby!!!!!

Let me remind you of the before:

That sofa.... was a mistake.  It had the shape I loved, but was the most uncomfortable sofa ever.  
I sold in on Craigslist.
The needlepoint rug.... first purchase I made for our home.  Ultimately, I wanted to go a different direction so I sold it as well.  I kind of wish I would have saved it for my bedroom, but wishes and buts.....

This painting... oi!  I purchased it from a bank closing for the frame only.  I never intended on letting that painting hang there so long.  Priorities, right?  So I purchased a new canvas and painted this little  tone on tone scene over a couple of days...

The gold frame is still a little brassy, but I'm going to wait and see what it looks like when the fireplace is redone before I tone it down.

I found this magnificent mirror that is really perfect for over the fireplace, 

but my dining room needed it more!

The mirror just ties the whole room together with the lacquered chest and brass table.

The needlepoint rug has been replaced with seagrass, and my grandmother's french sofa has been redone and is on loan from my bedroom until the sofa I ordered gets here. 

So, here is the plan for the updated living room:

new rug

new painting over the mantle

new sofa

change out marble surround (details coming next!!!)

paint all woodwork in living, dining, entry, powder bath

What the living room looks like today (because every day it is changing):

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Decorating for Valentine's Day: QUICK AND EASY

Quick and Easy Valentine Decor 


This Valentine's Day, I gathered several garland and ribbons to layer on my mantles.  I've been collecting garlands and making them for the past couple years.  Here is a tutorial to the felt garland I made:  HEART GARLAND BUNTING 

Throughout this post I am including some links to darling, similar garlands and accessories I've seen on the web.

similar Heart Garland

Drape a colorful bunting over a mirror

Hang tiny hearts from lampshades

Set a simple table using colorful florals, Valentine candies, and Pink carnations

Use what you have, don't spend a lot, make what you can...

Let your home be a reflection of you!

Happy Valentine's Day!



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