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Decorating for Valentine's Day: QUICK AND EASY

Quick and Easy Valentine Decor 


This Valentine's Day, I gathered several garland and ribbons to layer on my mantles.  I've been collecting garlands and making them for the past couple years.  Here is a tutorial to the felt garland I made:  HEART GARLAND BUNTING 

Throughout this post I am including some links to darling, similar garlands and accessories I've seen on the web.

similar Heart Garland

Drape a colorful bunting over a mirror

Hang tiny hearts from lampshades

Set a simple table using colorful florals, Valentine candies, and Pink carnations

Use what you have, don't spend a lot, make what you can...

Let your home be a reflection of you!

Happy Valentine's Day!



 * affiliate links are included in this post *


  1. i love your i love you so much banner so much. :) seriously though.

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