Eleven Gables Fall Home Tour

 Welcome, Friends!
I am so pleased you are here.  

I am thrilled to be included in a gorgeous round-up of Fall Tours hosted by The White Buffalo Styling Co.  If you haven't seen all of the tours, I would suggest starting here and clicking all the way through.  They are amazing!  Welcome to those here from the talented The Chronicles of Home.

 This is our home, Eleven Gables.
In the fall... we ride our bikes, jump in leaves, celebrate birthdays, roast s'mores, go camping, nap on the porch, watch football, carve pumpkins, trick-or-treat, count our blessings, play soccer, go to school, love on each other

Since the Fall season is just barely showing its face, I am starting the season off a little softer.  As the leaves change, I will add in orange pumpkins around the landscape.  You might even see a playful little ghost or two as the children get ready to trick-or-treat the neighborhood in their festive costumes.

Faux boxwood topiaries flank the stained doors and the palest green, monotone Cinderella pumpkins stacked up make a fun little fall statement.

The mudroom entrance got a little pop of color on the door and another cinderella pumpkin.

Just inside the front door is a black chinoiserie buffet that I found off craigslist this summer!  I topped it with a simple arrangement and fresh white pumpkins.

In the kitchen, I placed white pumpkins in brown transferware dishes along the window sill.  Can you feel that cool breeze blowing in?  Cinderella pumpkins and grocery store flowers bring in a few touches of fall-like weather.

Leaves from our Japanese Maple tree add a fall punch of color to my otherwise white kitchen. 

White pumpkins are sprinkled among the transferware.  

And here I tucked another little pumpkin on a cake stand.

The family room got some white mums and burlap pumpkins.  These are the only things I drug out of the attic this year.  It has just been so blasted hot.  As much as I profess to LOVE summer, I am ready for a tiny cool off and a date with fall.  Shhhh, don't tell summer.   

The table is set with galvanized chargers and all white china.  A sprig of rosemary smells fragrant tucked between the cutlery.

The formal living got a complete overhaul for fall.  Our earlier plan to change out the marble and paint the woodwork got put on hold until next year.  To see the before, go here.  Okay, wow!  Big difference, huh?  

Grasscloth lines the bookcases and all the accessories have been streamlined.  Family photos are gathered together in coordinating silver frames.

The chinoiserie bookcases have been filled with books, blue and white porcelains, and silver.

The rug was changed to seagrass..  It completely lightened up this typically dark room.  Someday, all this woodwork will be painted white... someday. 

The coffee table floral centerpiece is my latest easy DIY.  See how to make yourself a gorgeous, everlasting arrangement here.

Waiting for after summer sales proved to be beneficial... I found the perfect lounge chairs and cafe set for this narrow area by the pool, all for a fraction of the price.   

Cozy throws in lieu of beach towels for star gazing at night (my boys' new favorite night time ritual).

Last but not least, the porch is ready for fall as well.  My bright, summery porch has been swapped for a more neutral tone and blankets are stacked for easy cuddling.  

Mums are plopped in porcelain planters ready to usher in fall.
To see more of the Fall porch decor, visit HERE.

"The Girls" are getting their fill of insects and grass while I am outside enjoying the glorious cooler temps and writing this post.  

I am so glad you stopped by today on the tour.  Feel free to browse around Eleven Gables for a while, but please join us back on the tour tomorrow with an entire new set of homes!  Thank you again, Lindsay, for including Eleven Gables among these gorgeous home tours.

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DIY Gorgeous Faux Floral Centerpiece Arrangement

Many readers commented how much they loved my flower arrangement on this post.  My sweet Instagram friend, Ibie, walked me through the process of making that arrangement.  Go check out her IG page.  It is GORGEOUS!  Today, I thought I'd show you how to make a similar arrangement using faux florals.  I typically like to use real flowers but they just don't last very long. I wanted to have at least one floral arrangement that I didn't have to worry about.  This was something I tried for the very first time and I'm sharing it with you at the same time.

Here it is completed, but let's start at the beginning.

Gather your supplies.  I purchased many more stems then I thought I would ever need.  I ended up using them all but you can easily return whatever isn't used.

This brass pedestal bowl was purchased at a local thrift store.  I used two foam discs and glued them together for my base.

Next, start outward with your branchy-er (is that even a word?) stems and work your way in.

I purchased many different "bush" florals and just snipped them apart using wire cutters.

Keep filling in.

Place the main flowers in the middle.  Stand back and reevaluate your work.  If something is too tall, pull it out and cut it down.  It's easier to shorten a flower than lengthen it, so start tall.  I ended up shortening these hydrangeas a bit more. 

Keep filling in.  Not one leaf went in the trash.  I even wired some leaves with floral wire and pushed them in to give the arrangement more depth.

And there you have it!  A gorgeous centerpiece that never dies!!  

I purchased most of these stems at 40% off at my local craft center. Go for the florals that look the most real. 

I hope you try this at home and have fun while doing it!! 



Occasionally affiliate links are used to give sources to the reader.  If you purchase through these sources, I receive a small commission for each sale.  This never affects the price to you.  Thank you for clicking through my affiliate links.  xox

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