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I have had many questions via email, Instagram, and Pinterest about WHERE I purchased items for Back Porch Outdoor Living Room (If you missed this post, start there!!).  I love to share my sources with you!  Occasionally affiliate links will be used.  When you go through my affiliate link, you will not be charged extra.  I receive a teeny tiny commission on the sale.  As always, please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section or by email (contact information tab).  I will go through the photos and list the products that way.  If I can't find my exact item, I will try to list something very similar.  

Bamboo folding chairs

Bamboo folding table (underneath the tablecloth)

Brass bowl - vintage

Black Tole Vase - similar

Bamboo Coffee table (mine is vintage, but this is adorable)

Lappljung Rug - Ikea

Wicker Sofa - Pottery Barn

Wicker Wing Backs - Pottery Barn

Pewter Chandelier - repurposed from my kitchen remodel

Blue and White Garden Stools - One Kings Lane

Ivory Cable Knit Pillows on sofa - Pottery Barn

Large Black Tole Tray - Tuesday Morning

Blue and White Vase- HomeGoods

Wool Blankets - Vintage

Antlers and Tortoise Shell - Found

Mahogany Tray Table with Stand - Antique

Corduroy Tan Pillows (on Wingbacks) - HomeGoods

Plaid Blanket - vintage

Crock - Antique

Silver Bowl - HomeGoods

Black & White umbrella - Walmart

Clay Chiminea - local hardware store

Iron Patio Set - vintage 1960's

Chair pads - Ikea

Blue & White Ginger Jars - HomeGoods

Silverplated napkin rings - HomeGoods

Monogrammed Napkins - Pottery Barn

White China - Mine is discontinued Wedgewood, but this is similar

Plaid China - HomeGoods

Crystal - Discontinued

All windows & doors - Marvin Windows and Doors

Siding - James Hardie Board

Ceiling Fans

Recessed Lighting - Cree LED lightbulbs
I have to tell you, I just discovered these AMAZING lightbulbs at a blogging conference.  One was included in our "swag bag."  When I got home, I had a burned out bulb in a pair of lamps.  I replaced the burned out bulb with a Cree bulb.  You can't tell the difference between the incandescent and the LED!!!!  LIFE CHANGER for me!  The LED uses 85% less energy than an incandescent, it lasts up to 25 years, and there is NO MERCURY in the Cree LED!!  The light is a warm glow and it is DIMMABLE!!  I have replaced all of my boy's bedroom lights with LED.  I was able to increase wattage for a brighter light and lower energy level!!!  Thank you to Cree for introducing me to these incredible new lightbulbs!  I forgot to mention... the bulbs don't get HOT like an incandescent.  I can finally use my lamp that is located right next to the thermostat without my a/c constantly tripping on because of the heat from the old lightbulb.
To purchase Cree lightbulbs, go here!  Don't let the price tag scare you, you will get that money back in energy savings!
Buy one, you will be amazed.

This is not a paid advertisement.  I just really LOVE these newfound lightbulbs and I love sharing my resources with my readers.  Cree provided me with 4 recessed lightbulbs for my back porch.  All opinions are my own.

I hope that you have found all of the sources you are looking for.  If I missed something, let me know and I'll add it!  

Eleven Gables Back Porch Patio Outdoor Living Room

Living in Oklahoma has it's advantages... 

Four Seasons 
to name a few ;)

It's really hard for people to "get" Oklahoma.  I grew up here.  My family is here.  Church family has become such a vital role in our lives.  They have become an extension of our own family.  

I love experiencing and anticipating all four seasons.  We, Oklahomans, say, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change."  Spring is pretty dramatic in these parts.  Late ice storms to scary tornados...  Oklahomans consider themselves amateur meteorologists.  We watch weather, talk weather, and dream weather.  

Summer is usually pretty excruciating here so many Oklahomans head to "the lake."  Did you see my article about a cool, new community at Lake Eufaula?  Go here to read up on it!

Fall is beautiful but undependable in these parts.  Sometimes, it will be an Indian Summer until November and sometimes the temperature will drop early and the wind starts sweeping down the plain.  Brrrrr.

Winter is pretty tricky here in Oklahoma.  We usually get at least one snow or ice storm per winter.  The weather is chilly and the wind makes it worse.  This isn't my favorite season, but it doesn't last too long.  The upside of winter is wearing my Uggs all day every day.  

Why live in Oklahoma you say?  Well, you'd just have to move here to understand. :)

When stumbling upon our home (literally stumbled... I actually knocked on the door and asked them to call me if they ever decided to sell), it wasn't just the house that we fell in love with, it was also the neighborhood pond adjacent to the lot.  

My husband and boys love to fish.  Our family became the "caretakers" of the pond.  This thrilled my husband!  When the pond was drained and dredged, a neighbor relocated all of the humongous carp to another pond.  My husband contacted a local fish hatchery and ordered hundreds of baby catfish, perch, and bass, all fun fish to catch.  

This is our view from the back porch to the pond:

Here you can see a BEFORE of the back porch:

We didn't mind the porch the way it was built.  On our wish list, we dreamed of expanding it so that we could sit outside and enjoy the seasons, but not be exposed to the elements that each season brings.  The original roof line extended about 5 feet, maybe 6 if you include the overhang and gutter.  To read more on the remodel of the back porch, go here.

The view of our house from the pond:

The porch was completed only about 10 weeks ago and we have used it EVERY day since.  Last week, we watched a rainstorm blow through.  The lightening put on quite a show and we stayed dry (except for the boys who had been playing in the woods when the rain blew in).

When my sweet new friend, Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Company, asked me to participate in a Favorite Room Home Tour, I was so honored to be included among so many talented bloggers, especially since I only started blogging a few months ago.  This is my first Blogger Styling Home Tour, but I am planning on participating in the fall and Christmas tours!  If you are visiting from Retro Ranch Reno, welcome!  I have been a huge fan of Gabbi, first discovering her on Instagram.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know what I have been working on this past year.  IG is my quick go-to for updates on my favorite blogs.

  For this tour, I immediately thought of my porch as my favorite room.  I know, I know... I say my butler's pantry and my kitchen are my current favorite rooms, but those rooms have me working in them ALL. THE. TIME.  

Here, on the back porch, I don't have to work.  I can bring my coffee and my Bible here in the morning for some quiet time and my wine and my Honey here in the evening for some snuggle time.  We love to have family devotions, dinner, and good conversation here.  

Since school is in session and fall is right around the corner, I was inspired to get the porch ready for cooler temps and more snuggling.  Blankets and cushy pillows encourage the family to sit and cuddle.  We enjoy watching the boys playing from our cozy spots on the sofa or wingbacks.

The coffee table is a thrifted find.  I know lacquered bamboo is all the rage, but I really like the natural look out here and the mixing of all of the different elements keeps it warm and inviting. 

A little drink station is perfect for parties!  This antique mahogany butler's tray is one of three that I own.  I can't get enough!  They remind me of Downton Abbey.  So English!

These all-weather-wicker wing backs are heavy enough to stay put during a pretty heavy windstorm, but they are lightweight enough to easily move to make room for more seating or....

...turn and face the chiminea.  Little story on the little old chiminea- We had big plans for a large fireplace on the southwest corner of the porch.  The night before construction, we had a cold north wind hit us as we were standing in the fireplace spot.  We realized that ashes would be blown out of the fireplace and make a huge mess.  

We couldn't put the fireplace on the north side of the porch either because that would block the view of the pond.  

Fireplace couldn't go in the middle of the porch either because that would totally mess with my future plans... keep reading ;)  So, we nixed the fireplace for now.

Here is the view from my cozy spot on the sofa toward the west.  The sun sets a little to the left of this and the light dapples through the trees.  I think it is so magical and romantic.

We suspended this chippy, iron candle chandelier over the table with chain link.  I can totally imagine my boys getting married in this backyard some day.  The wrought iron patio set was my on my front porch growing up.  I have so many memories sitting on that porch, eating lunch with my mom during Kindergarten.  

My sister sold the set to my neighbor at a garage sale years ago.  The seats were rotted out and I didn't have the time or foresight to hang on to it.  When my sweet neighbor moved to Houston this spring, she offered to sell the set back to me.  I was so thrilled to have it back in my possession!  It had been sitting outside in her yard, exposed to the elements for many years.  A ton of elbow grease, paint, and a trip to Lowe's lumber department to repair the seats and I was back in business!

We have hosted many our friends here for parties.  It is so pleasant under the tree canopy.

I am all about using my good stuff and enjoying it.  It does me no good in a china cabinet. 

Blue and white ginger jars gathered from the house make a quick & pretty centerpiece when flowers aren't at the ready.

I purposely did not space the beams out evenly, because of my dream for a wedding out here someday.  The guests could sit up here with an unobstructed view of the bride and groom under the chandelier, or the wedding party could stand under the porch and the guests could sit in chairs on the grass.  :)  Planning ahead, I tell ya!

I have so enjoyed sharing my porch with you.  I always enjoy reading and answering any questions you may have.  Leave me a comment!  That is icing on a blogger's cake! ;)

 Thank you for visiting this Blogger Stylin' Home Tour, Favorite Room Edition!  I am last on the list for today.  If you missed any, you MUST go back and look through all of the rooms.  All of these bloggers are so talented!

One last look at my favorite room!! 

Until next time!!!  


P. S.  I can't finish this post today without wishing my sweet, kindred spirit of 35 years a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!  I love you, JLK.  Thank you for your friendship and support.  You are precious to me!  xoxo

I love sharing my resources with my readers.  Occasionally, affiliate links are used in my posts. 

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Blogger Stylin' Home Tour Favorite Room Edition

Big things happening over here at Eleven Gables.  I have been included among this fabulous group of bloggers to share my favorite room with you.  Start at the beginning and follow along!  Eleven Gables' favorite room will be featured on Thursday!  Start with the first blog, then each blog will give you a link to the next blog.

Here is a little sneak peak from my Instagram page:

Monday, August 25th:
Tuesday, August 26th:

I look forward to seeing you all back here on Thursday!  


Hidden Appliance Cabinet and Desk Command Center in the Kitchen

Many of you, dear readers, have asked me to show you what I have hidden in my kitchen cabinets.  Last week, I revealed my organized, command central, desk area HERE in the kitchen.

To see my entire kitchen remodel, go HERE.  

One of my biggest wishes for my new kitchen was to have a coffee station that I could leave open for my family, but hide away when company comes over, or when I was just sick of looking at the appliances.  I scoured the internet for ideas and saw things I liked... you can see my idea board on my Kitchen Pinterest Page.  I love using my pink Dualit toaster, microwave, and blender (if you want a perfectly smooth margarita, this is your gal), but I was sick and tired of them sitting on my counter taking up precious space.   To fix this, I sketched out some ideas for my carpenter.  We worked and reworked this area until we got it just right.  

The final cabinet didn't turn out exactly like this sketch.   The microwave was so high!  That is why it is so important to either draw out what you want and play with it, or talk to a professional that can help you envision your dream.  (To contact me for help with your current or next project, email
Here is the cabinet without the doors installed yet:

The oven depth is 24 inches, but this walkway is the entrance into the kitchen from the mudroom, pantry, half bath, garage, pool side of the house.  I wanted at least 4 feet of space between the barstools and the cabinet.  To achieve this, we dropped the lower cabinet back from the oven cabinet 4 inches so that the lower drawers were 20 inches deep.  The upper cabinet is 16 inches deep.   The countertop is Caesarstone to match the rest of the cabinets and backsplash in the kitchen.  

The middle doors are pocket doors.  These gave my sweet carpenter a fit, but they are FABULOUS!!!   I'm sorry Mr. C,  I know you spent hours getting them just right for me.  There is a tiny gap on purpose, but I was willing to live with that in order to achieve the functionality of the cabinet.

Here it is!  Opened by my sweet husband every morning before work, he has the coffee pot hot and ready for me!  He grabs a "to-go" cup for his coffee, but I prefer mine in a Spode mug!

Here, you can see the desk area next to my hidden appliance cabinet.  This wall is so functional in my kitchen.  It is full of goodness, all tucked away behind closed doors!

I wasn't sure how I would like having my microwave behind the doors and on the opposite wall of my work area, but it hasn't bothered me one bit!  I actually am glad it is out of site.  One less thing I must wipe the fingerprints off of constantly!  

The toaster is a favorite among my boys.  They can work it easily and it is right at their fingertips.   I like to keep a cup of spoons next to my Keurig for stirring my coffee.  Extra coffee, straws, water, and the blender are stored on the top shelf.  The big boys are just tall enough to work the microwave with ease.  All of the shelves are adjustable in case I want to move things around someday.

Thank you for joining me on this little tour of my kitchen appliance cabinet.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at


I love to share my resources with my readers; affiliate links are used.  

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