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"The Home Edit" Organization in the Closet

This post is sponsored by Walmart.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.

Remember when we remodeled our master closet, bathroom, study, and bedroom three years ago? You can read all about it HERE
Well, time flies when you are raising children!  My closet is finally organized and today I'm showing you a little glimpse! 

 I never showed you the finished closet before because I forgot to take before photos.  I have a few videos I'm going to try to upload so you can take a peek around.  If they aren't loading, I'm really not sure what to do... tech isn't really my forté.  I'd rather be crafting, baking, gardening.... anything other than computer technology. ;)

  We pulled out all of the carpet and put wood floors in... we love having the wood floors here.  They are so easy to maintain.  We also added trim and doors to this built-in to make it look more like a custom piece of furniture (and to keep dust off the contents of the shelves).  Then we painted everything a custom color (Eleven Gables White). 

 I never really got around to organizing my closet because we were just ready to move back in and get back to life.  Recently, I discovered The Home Edit collection at Walmart.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get this area of my house tidied up.
Here is a sampling of what this Walmart Home collaboration has to offer. 
And now for the disarray of my closet cabinets.

I don't have a ton of handbags, but what I do have I need to be tidy.  Keeping handbags organized also helps the bags keep their shape.  

I ordered two sets of THESE.  You have to think outside the box. These are sold as "laundry" storage, but obviously will work anywhere:  under the sink or in cabinets.  They are such a useful size.

Ordering online through Walmart was quick and easy.  I had my purchases delivered right to my door.  

Here we go!

Yes, organizing/tackling a project can be intimidating at first.  I left my new containers sitting on the table until they really spoke to me about how I would and could use them.

Can you imagine why I needed the containers to be empty to speak to me?  I couldn't get past trying to organize my cleaning closet that really didn't need to be organized like this.
I used THESE to contain my perfumes and lotions.

THESE are the perfect size for clutches.  I also purchased some for my needlepoint crafts.
This size worked perfectly for my shoulder bags

and there you go... a tidy and organized spot in the closet!

Next up... the bathroom drawers using THESE!

 THIS COLLABORATION from Walmart Home is flying off the shelves quickly and only just launched a few days ago.  
Add to cart if something tickles your fancy because it will be sold out before you know it!

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