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Father's Day Favorites

First things first, Happy Father's Day to this guy!  He loves us well and we are so very thankful to have a wonderful, godly man as the head of our household!!  We love you!! 

Father's Day is just around the corner so I've enlisted my husband to help me choose some of his favorite things.

But first let me show you what I got him.
Our home is 20 years old this year and the sprinkler control panel has been dying a slow death.  Have you seen the appliance commercials where the husband and wife embrace because their cooktop went out?  Well, this was me when I discovered the sprinkler panel was fried.  I did a little dance then purchased 
(on recommendation from our trusted Sprinkler Repair Man) 
and arranged for our sprinkler man to install it.  It took him less than an hour; I probably could have done it myself.  I programmed everything and when my husband and I were in the backyard, I turned on the sprinklers remotely.  He was shocked, amazed, and so surprised.  I've noticed the garden sprinklers come on while he is at work and I am home.  Someone is enjoying watering from his app while at work!  No more calling me to run out and figure out what zone I need to turn on so the hydrangeas don't wither away.

Okay, now for the hubby's picks!

He is an avid runner and admittedly becomes very damp while running.  THESE headphones are his favorite.

Got flies? THIS Fly gun has become the house favorite.  No more squashed fly residue.  I can't believe how much we all enjoy killing flies now.

Aches and Pains? My husband lets the kids operate 
THIS Massager on his back.  

THIS Battery Blower is something we use DAILY!  From a quick patio clean-up, to a full yard clean-up!  It's one of our favorites...even the kids can operate it.

While doing yard work or just hanging on the back porch, you will often see THIS Wireless Speaker nearby.

Another MUST is THESE Garden Shoes!  They stay on the back porch and are quick to put on/take off... much easier than garden boots.

Okay, I think that's all for today, but if he thinks of some more 
must haves, I will update this post!
Thank you, dear husband, for sharing your favorite gift ideas with us!

I hope he has inspired you to find something special for the dad in your life!  

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! Happy Father's day to your hubby.

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