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Menus with Meredith Spring/Summer, Week 2

Welcome back to Week 2 of 
Menus with Meredith!

If you missed last week, you will find it HERE.
We have so enjoyed all of the feedback both here and on Instagram.  Be sure and print the menu, grocery list, and recipes off to put in your binder!  You don't want to be left wondering What's for dinner?

Spring/Summer 2018 Menu
Week 2

Monday- fish of your choice (we usually get salmon) or a pork roast in the crock pot, roasted potatoes, Brussel sprouts and French bread
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- Tomato and Basil Pasta 
Thursday- Stir Fry
Friday- Nachos for Family Movie Night
Saturday- Go out or Take Out
Sunday- easy dinner… fondue, cheese plate, breakfast for dinner, etc…
Breakfasts- eggs and bacon, fruit/yogurt/granola, cereal, boiled eggs and muffins

Red potatoes (fish, potatoes, brussel sprouts)
Brussel sprouts (fish, potatoes, brussel sprouts)
Shredded iceberg lettuce (taco night)
3 Roma tomato (taco night and nacho night)
1 container cherry tomatoes (tomato basil pasta)
1 pack fresh basil (tomato basil Pasta)
1 bag of baby spinach (tomato basil pasta)
1 bag of stir fry vegetables (or 2 bags, depending on how many people) (stir fry)
1 bunch cilantro (nacho night)
Celery (cheese plate or fondue night)
Carrots (cheese plate or fondue night)
Apples (cheese plate or fondue night)
Sugar peas (cheese plate or fondue night)
Fruit for breakfasts and snacks

2 loaf of French Bread (fish and veggies night, and tomato and basil pasta)

Salmon or other fish (1/2 per person) or pork tenderloin
1 lb. ground beef (tacos)
chicken breasts (stir fry)
Bacon (breakfast)

Olive oil, garlic salt, garlic and salmon seasoning, taco seasoning (if you don’t already have these from week 1)
Taco shells (taco night)
2 cans sliced black olives (tacos and nachos)
Spiral pasta (Tomato basil pasta)
Kalamata Olives, pitted (“)
Brown rice (stir fry)
Muffin mix (or ingredients for homemade muffins)

2 bags shredded sharp cheddar cheese (tacos and nachos)
1 container fresh mozzarella, smallest pieces you can find, otherwise, buy one large ball cut into small pieces (tomato basil pasta)
cheese for cheese plate or fondue
Sour Cream, squeeze container (tacos and nachos)

Salmon, Roasted Potatoes, and Brussel Sprouts

Salmon (or any other fish or pork tenderloin)- if making salmon, rinse and place on a foil lined baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and salmon seasoning. Bake with potatoes and Brussel sprouts for 25-30. 

Potatoes- Wash and quarter potatoes. Put in large ziplock with olive oil and garlic salt. Seal and squish until all potatoes are coated. Bake at 400 with fish and Brussel sprouts for 45 minutes.

Brussel sprouts- Wash, cut off ends and cut in one half. Put them in the same ziplock bag and coat with olive oil, just like you did for the potatoes. Spread out on a baking sheet and salt/pepper and bake at 400 for 45 minutes.


Cook ground beef, and once browned, add about 2T. Taco seasoning to meat. Warm taco shells in the oven, according to the package. Set up assembly line with shredded lettuce, shredded cheddar, diced tomatoes, sliced olives and sour cream. Let family assemble their own tacos. Always buy more tacos than you think you’ll need because… tacos.

Tomato and Basil Pasta
(My family’s all time favorite dinner! I’ve been making this since they were toddlers and it’s still their favorite!)

Boil corkscrew pasta according to package. Meanwhile, rinse and half cherry tomatoes. Drain mozzarella and Kalamata olives. Chop 1 bunch fresh basil. (If you would like to sneak in an extra vegetable, dice a handful or 2 fresh, chopped spinach. Drain and rinse pasta. Place in bowl and add about 1/4 c. Balsamic vinegar (first), then add about 1/4 c. olive oil, salt and pepper and mix well. Then add olives, cheese, basil and tomatoes and mix well. Serve!

Stir Fry

Put chicken breasts in crock pot and cook on low for 6 hours or High for 3 1/2-4 hours. (This is what I do. Just cook the chicken anyway that’s easiest for you.) Cook enough brown rice for your family. (I want to recommend purchasing a rice cooker. Sounds crazy, but they’re inexpensive at Walmart, and you just put your rice and water in it and you’re done. After it’s cooked, it will keep the rice warm for hours too. I can scorch rice in a blink because I’ll get side tracked for just a minute, and then it’s too late. I’ve done that more times than you can count, so I love the rice cooker. It’s fool proof!) In your largest frying pan, sauté a bag of stir fry veggies (or 2) in a little olive oil. Add soy sauce to taste. Once veggies are cooked until bright green, add chicken and rice to the pan and mix everything together. You’ll probably want to add more soy sauce. 

Nachos for Family Movie Night

Line 2 cookie sheets with Scoops chips and sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Warm in 350 degree oven for 5 minutes. While they’re warming, cook 2 cans black beans with about 2 T. taco seasoning in a pot. Remove chips from oven, and sprinkle with black beans (use a slotted spoon so they don’t drip too much), chopped tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, black olives and sour cream. Enjoy with a movie and have a great weekend!

Sunday Night

I usually don’t cook on the weekends, if I can help it, but we are all usually home on Sunday nights and so I’ll plan a fun, easy dinner. I will usually either make a cheese plate (like pictured above) with our favorite cheeses (Manchego, Gruyere, Brie), along with crackers and hummus and vegetables. Sometimes, I’ll find fondue cheese in the deli section of my grocery store, so I’ll make fondue!

Thank you, Meredith, for sharing your menus with us!  If you aren't already following along with her on Instagram, click HERE!

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