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How To Make a Perfect Bow and more Christmas Tips

Today, I am joining some sweet friends on a short Christmas Tips Tour.  If you are coming from Decor Gold, welcome! Jen is so very talented and has some of the best ideas, doesn't she?

Are you tired of spending $$$ on bows that just aren't exactly what you are looking for? 
I have the easiest tutorial for you!  
Grab a spool of ribbon and follow along!

Gather your supplies
I use THIS RIBBON (similar; mine is now discontinued).  Each spool makes approximately two bows with long tails.
I do not precut my ribbon.  Just start in and begin shaping your bow...

1. Make a loop 

2. Make a second loop on the opposite side

2. Cross over and continue making loops (I make three for each side of my wreath bows)

3. Cut the ribbon once you have made all of your loops

4. Flip the bow over (cut side on bottom)
This is the front of your bow

5.  Cut one piece of ribbon long enough for both tails

6.  Place the middle of the "tails" on the backside of the bow

7. Now, cut a piece about 8" long

8.  Place that shorter piece flat against the front of your bow

9.  Tie it in a knot

10.  I take the small tails and make them into a loop, securing with a couple staples
(this is what I use to secure them to my wreaths... poke a branch up through the loop and twist it with another branch)

11.  Now hold your ribbon and start fluffing it

12.  Voila!  It's done!  

You can get creative and use all sorts of ribbon for this project!  Be sure and tag me on your social media so I can see your beautiful creations!!

I'm kind of in love with THIS RIBBON too!  

Now... on to hanging the wreath
I have tried suction, smaller hooks, bigger hooks, ribbon at the top of the window... only to have my wreath fall down or get twisted up in the wind.

I've been using THESE HOOKS for four years now and the only wreath that fell down is because I didn't wait to let the hook "set" before I hung the wreath.  You must follow the directions for the hook to work properly.  Also, if it is a cold day, I would use a hairdryer to warm the window a tiny bit before applying the adhesive.  

1. Figure out where you want your wreath to hang and place your adhesive bracket according to the directions

2.  After your adhesive has had time to "set," affix the hook

3.  Hang your wreaths

The wreaths I purchased are, of course, no longer available... story of my life.  I found THESE that are extremely similar and a great price!

Topiaries were purchased HERE and still look great with no watering after four years! ;)
Planters HERE

Blue and White Pots HERE

Front Door Trees are featured in my post HERE

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Merry Christmas, darlings!

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  1. THANK YOU for this tip on how to hang wreaths! We have vinyl windows, so nails/hooks are out of the question. The suction cup lasted all of 4 minutes and I didn't want a ribbon hung from the top of the window either. Command Hooks never occurred to me! And your bows are gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful tutorial Emily! Those bows and wreaths look amazing on your house! I love those blue and white pots too! You have such beautiful style my friend! xoxo

  3. Beautiful bow Emily....thanks for the tutorial.....believe it or not, I have command hooks on my windows and they have been there for 3 years now...I just keep changing them out as needed and they seem to hold up for a long time. I love your decorative ones!

  4. Such perfect timing! I am decorating this weekend and always have trouble with my bows - can't wait to try! Happy Thursday ~

  5. Ok I am TOTALLY doing this!! Brilliant and so simple! I love your bows and the reds so fabulous! You are so talented my friend!! xo

  6. I soooo needed this tutorial, Emily! Your home is just gorgeous, the perfect Christmas house.
    Hugs, Jamie

  7. Thanks for sharing the marvelous info

  8. Emily, this is awesome! I’ve always wanted to know how to create the gorgeous large bows. They look so beautiful on your home!!


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