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Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover/Connoisseur

Connoisseur:  a person who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, cuisines, or an expert judge in matters of taste.  

Sometimes, people today associate that word with an air of pretension, but I, personally, would rather seek information from a connoisseur than just anyone.
I don't ask my eye doctor questions about my teeth, just like I don't ask a big box store questions about what kind of coffee machine to purchase.  When I really want a whole bunch of differing opinions, I go to Facebook.  I hear it all there (and more)!  I know you feel me. ;)
  I also research, research, research and read ALL the reviews.

Recently, I came home from a trip to NYC for a blogging event.  I had the most delicious coffee every day for five days.  Short backstory on that...  I live in the country.  Coffee shops aren't around the corner from me.  The honest truth?  I detest paying $5.00 for a cup of coffee.  I think of all the antique stores I can be spending that $5.00 or if I saved that money every day for a year, I would have $1,825.00.  That's enough for me to buy a decent machine and make cafe quality coffee at home.  So, I decided that first Monday home, with a crappy cup of coffee in my hand, that I was going to get the machine that dreams are made of.  When I think of making a big purchase, I consider it a 
"Year Gift:  
Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines, Mother's Day"

Every Coffee Connoisseur needs a machine.  
Let me tell you, I am a non-expert (layman) at coffee.  

I got THIS MACHINE; it is a dream.
A dream to use, a dream to clean, a dreamy cup of coffee...
The main reason I chose this machine is because I don't know how to do "all the things."  It does it for me: grinds, tamps, froths, extracts, self-cleans, etc.
I get a perfect cup of coffee every time.  

Watch the demonstration videos here:  
Breville Oracle Touch 
(enjoy the beautiful Australian accent)

Breville vs. DeLonghi

I typically purchase all of my kitchen appliances HERE because their customer service is top notch.

Coffee Cups & Accessories
And of course, blue and white mugs make my coffee so much prettier!  

Pick THESE up while they are still on sale!
If Blue and White isn't your thing, I have had many readers suggest THESE clear, double walled mugs that keep your coffee hot.

I always keep a wet cloth handy for cleaning the steam wand and wiping up any drips.  THESE are inexpensive.  I just throw them in the washer.
I've just heard of THESE!  They are washable and disposable, so I don't have to worry about staining, and I can throw them away when they are worn out.
A small dish like THIS to rest your SPOONS is functional and pretty!

Coffee Beans
Did you know that coffee beans should be roasted within just a couple of days (weeks at most) before consuming?
I have discovered a local roaster that imports the most delicious beans.  Now, you can purchase these beans too!  
Eote Beans are Delish! If you are local to OKC, they offer tastings on Thursdays.  Non-Locals Buy HERE.

You need THIS coffee bean storage container. Why? Because it helps keep the beans as fresh as the day they were roasted.  Who knew we could have our cake and eat it too!  Am I dating myself there with that last comment?  

I've been drinking my coffee without sugar or sweetness these days, but when I need a little something in my coffee, I sweeten it with one of these:
Coconut Sugar (less sweet)
Brown Sugar (better than granulated, for me)
Caramel Syrup (because, duh)

Last but not least...
Organize a special spot as a gift to your coffee lover.  
Give a gift of time in setting up a special
"Coffee Station"

Surely, you can find a cabinet or counter space to set up a dedicated space for your coffee machine.
monogrammed tea towel HERE and HERE

I just found the most darling coffee cup labels to give to your coffee connoisseur!!!  Eeek!

purchase HERE

I've made it easy for you to "shop this post."  Just hover over the words and click on them to take you directly to a shopping link.  I do get a tiny commission when you shop through my links or through my ads.  It's what helps me bring you each post.  I appreciate my readers and your support. 

Click on the photos below to shop....

A very special thank you to Breville for sending me this beautiful machine to review and share my thoughts and opinions with you.

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  1. I used to own a Capresso machine and loved it...I LOVE coffee; however, after many years of use it finally bit the dust. I have been researching machines and have found that Breville has very high ratings...so I may have to add this to my Santa list....love your beautiful coffee station!! I love coffee so much that I have a little room dedicated to it!

    1. This machine is definitely for the connoisseur! I think you need to ask Santa!! Thank you for stopping by! Now come for a latte! xx, Emily

  2. Holy moly!!!!! $2500 for a coffee machine??
    I either have to drink more coffee or take up blogging.

    1. Ha! Ha! I know the feeling. Although, I had this on my list for a few years now. When they came out with this "touch" version, it was a no-brainer. Best, Emily

  3. Oh My. I just put this on my Christmas list. I live in the country in the Texas panhandle, so nothing close by for me either. I am a fellow coffee lover and I'm just thinking I "need" this. More like a want, but in my mind it is a need.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this awsm blog it will help who dont know how to make coffee it will also help coffee lover. In this we also try to send online gifts to my son and makes them surprised.

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