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Valentine Felt Heart Garland

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?  Even a little bit?  I used to just add some pink flowers here and there until I decided I needed to add a little romance to my mantle.  Well, off I went down a rabbit trail... This heart garland is just so simple I couldn't stop decorating!!!  I even layer ribbons and pom-pom garland just to cover all my bases. :)

In this post, I am going to teach you how to make this darling heart garland!


First, trace the cookie cutters or draw your own hearts onto paper, trace them on to felt and cut out various sizes.

I even cut out an "X" and "O"
Lay them all out as you want your garland to look.

Now start stacking them from right to left in the order you want them to be on the garland.

Here is a completed stack ready for sewing together.

This is the most simple part.

Begin sewing a straight line down the middle, to top third, of each heart

Just keep feeding them through the machine

This is what your garland will start looking like..

Completed garland!

And voila! There is a completed garland layered with my easy diy pom-pom garland and a store-bought garland.
To see how I sprinkled Valentine's decor throughout the house:

and a fun little after-school Valentine party HERE

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  1. VERY cute! Ijust gave my eldest daughter all my red, pink and white felt squares - I need to send this to her! : - )

  2. I adore your garland. We have a store bought one that we hang the first of February and it gets us ready for Valentine's Day! Happy Tuesday!

  3. What a most adorable garland! Thanks for the tutorial. HappyValentine's Day!!!


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