One Room Challenge, Powder Bath Reveal

It's here... finally!  I woke up this morning and felt relief lift from my shoulders.  I didn't have to paint today!  I got to photograph everything to show my favorite people, YOU!!! 
So Thank You for showing up, leaving comments, following along on Instagram, and Facebook and supporting me.  You guys are the best!  

A special thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing such a fun and challenging six weeks!  

I am so excited to share my powder bath with you.  It turned out better than I imagined.  There were definitely some days I wanted to just break out the paint roller and be done with all of this.  But I think the end result was worth it.  

Here is a little six week recap:
Week 1 ~ organize my plan
Week 2 ~ paint trim
Week 3 ~ wallpaper from down under catastrophe
Week 4 ~ shopping for items, rewired chandelier, gathered ideas for walls
Week 5 ~ Backsplash was installed, sketching out my design, and painting on the walls began

Things weren't easy along the way and my dear hubby made more than his fair share of dinners.  But all in all, he is happy with the end result and supports my little "job" here at Eleven Gables.

Let's start at the entryway.
As you enter Eleven Gables through the front door, there is a little door there on the left.  Step right through that door and it leads you to the Powder Bath, also known as the ladies bathroom because there is another half bathroom off the kitchen/butler's pantry that the boys are banished to. :)

After the wallpaper fiasco and lack of budget left for this particular project, I decided to hand paint the walls with a mural of our property, the pond, and the gazebo.  Now, you can see why I kept the vintage sink!  Surprisingly, there is no blue and white (my trademark) in this room... yet!  Although I considered doing a blue and white mural, I decided the gold tone on tone would be more fitting for the style I wanted to achieve here. 

There are a whole bunch of photos to follow, so grab something to drink, settle in, and take a look around!

I painted this existing built-in to give the look of an old, worn antique piece.  The full tutorial is on week one.  The towel stand and marble bowl are both vintage.

These gorgeous, monogrammed pagoda towels from Hempstead Thread give a nod to my chinoiserie loving self.  So many delightful towels to choose from for every occasion.  I also have some precious, monogrammed ornament hand towels from Hempstead Thread for the Holiday season.  They will be on my Christmas tour (subscribe to the blog to get updates!) and on my Instagram feed.

This gorgeous gold leaf candle is from a darling gift boutique in Edmond, Oklahoma called Desire Of Your Heart.  It is the most delicious scent and goes perfectly with the powder bath!  If you know someone in the OKC area, you must tell them about this boutique.  Laura has many lovely gift items for everyone on your Christmas list and so many hostess gift ideas! 

I wanted understated elegance when looking for a toilet paper holder.  This simple brass holder achieves that I think.  Not taking away from the overall design in the bathroom, but still providing a useful necessity at less than ten dollars.

"Happy little trees" ~Bob Ross

The view of the entryway from the powder bathroom.

Custom Belgium linen privacy curtains made by me.  

And last but not least, another happy little tree and my signature... just to put a stamp of closure on this fun and exciting six week challenge.

Let's have one more look, side by side:

Thank you for joining me these past six weeks!  I have enjoyed the "challenge" of getting this room cleared off my list of "to-dos."  Your comments are dear to me.  I read each and every one.  
I invite you to feel free to PIN your favorite images to your inspiration boards and share my post on Facebook!  Thank you!

You know what makes a project even more fun?  

Having a wonderful support group cheering you on from the sidelines!!  The following women behind these blogs have been cheering me on toward completion.  I couldn't have finished without them.  I would love for you to visit all of their WONDERFUL One Room Challenges, just click on their links above the photos to get started.









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One Room Challenge, Powder Bath, Week 5

Welcome Back to the One Room Challenge, Week FIVE!

Okay, you all.  I am officially freaking out over here!!!  I have SO MUCH TO DO!

If this is your first visit, you must catch up!

My family can thank Linda, from Calling it Home, for organizing the challenge that mommy is consumed with right now.

We got the mirror hung! Hooray!  Wasn't that Craiglist photo hilarious?  It is the perfect size here.

Next, I made a template for the backsplash out of paper to see if I liked the style.  I do!  Sent it off to the fabricator with a "rush" note on it.

Now, for the fun part.... sketching out my mural.

Working away in the wee hours.

I decided to paint a mural of our property, starting with the gazebo.

It will take many layers to get everything just right.

I couldn't leave out Eleven Gables!

I have been giving some sneak peeks over on Instagram.

I had this custom seagrass rug made at a local rug store.  It is such a narrow size, I couldn't find a ready made one anywhere.

Remember my template?

The backsplash was delivered and installed in the nick of time!  Whew! 
 Now to get everything finished up and photographed for you next week.  I am really excited to see this space completed!!

Thank you so much for joining me and encouraging me along the way!  I am honored that you have stuck with me through this.  Big hugs to each of you.
Don't forget where we started~

Now, let's review my plans:

  • paint vanity
  • add custom marble top
  • remove weird trim and fill in holes that I will surely make
  • take down valance
  • paint trim
  • remove wallpaper
  • float walls
  • paint walls 
  • remove vent/fan
  • rewire chandelier that's been in a box in my cabana
  • replace light fixture
  • hang mirror
  • backsplash
  • paint wall mural
  • fluff and add any last minute details
Shopping for:
  • 2' x 7' rug (approx)
  • handtowels
  • toilet paper holder
  • towel holder
  • mirror
My Pinterest Board Here and Here shows the direction I am going and gives you a little sneaky peek as to what I am thinking.

Now that you're here, won't you stay awhile?  Click over to my "Popular Posts" in the right side bar or my "Before and After" post. And check out my two fall tours Here and Here!  

And this is the Important Part...

I'm linking up with some beautiful makeovers, so hop over and read all of the participating blogs HERE

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