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Eleven Gables Home Tour on Cote de Texas Blog

Do you have a blog crush?  

I do.

Her name is Joni Webb and she writes the most beautiful blog called Cote de Texas.

I honestly can't remember when I discovered her.  I know it was shortly after we moved into Eleven Gables.  Her writing and attention to detail lures you in.  She teaches the do's and don'ts of home interiors.  The homes she features are stunning.  I recall her having an Aiden Grey contest once.  I didn't dream of entering, but I drooled over the entries, and I have spent countless hours pouring over every single post Joni has ever written.  

Every single time I redo a room, I ask myself, "What would Joni do?"  Go see my pin boards and you will see evidence of that.

There are many design elements around our home that I have gleaned from Cote de Texas.  Zebra skin, seagrass, slipcovers, wicker, curtains..... to name a few.

Joni reached out to me via Instagram a couple months ago asking if she could feature my home.  I nearly fainted.  What an honor.  

She did such a beautiful, comprehensive tour of our home.  I would love for you to pop over and see it.  Leave her a lovely comment as well! 

Thank you, Joni, from the bottom of my heart!  

Here is the post! 

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  1. Emily,
    I'm tickled pink for your beautiful home being featured on the Cote de Texas blog. I just love Joni and her wonderful style.
    Congrats, much deserved recognition!! Your home is just beautiful.

    Betsy Gordon
    West of the Square Designs

  2. The tour was magnificent Emily! Your home is evident of the tremendous labor of love that you have put into it. Truly a forever home for you and your family to make wonderful memories in!

  3. I agree that Joni did an amazing job giving a tour of your stunning home! I loved seeing all the rooms in one post and it was fun to see different angles I must have missed before. Joni gives the best advice and I have admired her for years. I think in the early days, I was too intimidated to even comment on her blog! Your home truly is beautiful, Emily. You have put in so much of your style and personality and have made it into the perfect place to raise your lovely family. Cheers to you!

    1. Shelley, Joni is definitely the queen of blogging. She gives such a wonderful lesson in each post. Thank you for your sweet words. xox

  4. Emily,
    I love Joni and her posts are always like a trip to the library. I learn something or become inspired by something in each and every post she publishes. I found your site as a result of her post about your lovely home. So thank you, Joni!

    1. That is the truth! Everything I've ever needed to know, I look to Joni's blog! So glad you are here!! xox

  5. Congratulations on being featured on Joni's blog!!!!! Your home is gorgeous......

  6. That is awesome!!!!! I can't wait to check it out!

  7. Emily - I LOVE your home. So tasteful yet full of interest and charm. Would you share the source of your toile window treatment fabric? I just love it.

    1. Thank you so much! Portfolio Lutece Toile is the fabric name

  8. I devoured every, single image of your beautiful home, Emily, inside and out. The attention to detail in each space is amazing...loved the tour!


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