Eleven Gables Home Spring Home Tour, Part 3

Welcome back to Part 3 of Eleven Gables Home Spring Home Tour!  
If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to catch up here and here!  My first two tours take you INSIDE!  

Today, we are taking a little stroll OUTSIDE around part of the property here at Eleven Gables.  I am so happy to be joining with the talented Lindsay Hill Interiors in her #OneRoomSpringTour.  Start with her beautiful blog HERE, then continue the tour at the end of this post.

Today's tours are taking you outside, giving you front door Spring Inspiration.  

Years ago, homes were built with porches from which to greet the neighbors.  Those homes are few and far between now.  These days, people tend to enter and exit through their garage doors.  I don't know what drew me to this home ten years ago... I suppose it was the front door.... 

similar blue and white pots (mine are out of stock, but I will update the link when they are back in stock), my ultimate favorite faux topiaries

...or the side door.  

They just draw you in somehow.

We once visited a new community built with the intention of front porches, sidewalks, and small town living.  I wrote about it here.  We left that precious community yearning for just that... "Community."  I wanted to create a porch at my own home that was inviting to the neighbors who were out and about.  

In an effort to make our porch inviting, I placed a cafe table and chairs here.  

Refreshments don't have to be fancy.  Just a glass of ice cold water on a warm spring day is perfect.

of course I can't find this vase anywhere for you, but I found this one for only $30!

I threw an old white quilt over the table and some cut flowers from the landscape.  You can plant your yard with zone hardy flowering plants, as I have done, for a wave of color all year long.  Spring Viburnum and Rosemary fill this vase.

Perennial Flowers soften the exterior of your home and are a sure way to bring in spring with little effort after the first planting.  They promise to come back year after year.
Iris are so delicate and graceful.  I am giddy with joy when I see the Iris because the peonies are not far behind.

A few sweet statuary sprinkle the landscape with interest. 

Soon, this little girl will be swallowed by hydrangea while 
this little lady is surrounded by viburnum, iris, boxwood, roses, lilies, and hydrangea.  She is by the pool, so she has blooms around her all year long.

A basketball goal begs for the neighbors to play.

There is nothing like being outdoors.  Our family prefers it.

From my littlest baby... 

...to my oldest baby (newly a teenager!)

Springtime brings kicking soccer balls, fishing, and...

...hunting for turtles 

How do you welcome Spring to your front door?

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Monday, April 11th – Front Door/Porch
Emily - Eleven Gables
Trinity - c.1934
Courtney - The Hamby Home
Tuesday, April 12th – Entryway/Foyer
Shannon - Fox Hollow Cottage
Wednesday, April 13th – Living Room
Erin - Sunnyside Up
Alma - Almafied
Ashley - House of Five

Thursday, April 14st -  Kitchen
Brittany - Dutchess of York
Annie - Zevy Joy
Marg & Liz - Fancy Farm Girls
Kelley - Kelley Nan
Rachel – Maybe Matilda

Friday, April 15th – Dining Room
Allison - A House and A Dog
Tamara - Citrine Living
Kendra - Momtique
Haneen - Haneens Haven

Happy Spring!!



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