Eleven Gables Home Spring Home Tour, Part 2

Welcome back to Part Two of Eleven Gables Home Spring Home Tour!  I am so happy you are here.  If you would like to start at the beginning (a very good place to start), click HERE for Part One.

Come on in and let's head to the kitchen and keeping room!  

Our home is a collection of things I love... most importantly, boys!  My husband and I have four sons.  Next week, our oldest turns into a teenager. Gasp! Time is flying!!

The island is the place where we gather for breakfast, snacks after school, and homework.  I always keep fresh fruit in arms reach.  Halfway through photographing the kitchen, the oranges dwindled away (all the neighborhood kids were outside playing basketball).  Pretty much my life these days.  Food disappearing as soon as it hits the shelf.  I don't mind.  That's what it's for. :)

These windows open out to the pool area.  From here I can easily serve lunch to all the boys and their friends.  

When we moved into our home ten years ago, the first thing we did was transplant all of the existing landscaping.  There were about 60 overgrown nandinas that we planted in the woods creating a secret garden.  I saw Camilla at our nursery and while I didn't know a thing about them, the thought of them was lovely.  So I planted three.  This is the first year they have ever bloomed.  They bud, but Oklahoma weather freezes them out every year.  These glorious camilla have bloomed for a month straight now.  I am in love.  

Partway through my photoshoot we had a little earthquake and my large Spode platter crashed to the ground.  I wrote about it on here.  A dear reader sent me a link to another platter.  Turns out it is the 200th year anniversary platter (extra large size) and it was on sale!  It has already been shipped and is on its way!  A reminder that life on earth is temporary.  Easter is the perfect time to remember to store up treasures in heaven, for that is what really matters.  

The view from the keeping room into the kitchen.

Flowers from the supermarket in a pretty blue and white pot are my go-to.  Such a pretty punch for low cost. 

The Keeping Room is right off the kitchen.  Our family gathers here.  These are the most used areas of our home.
Blankets are everywhere. They keep us cozy when snuggled up with the boys watching a movie or playing a game.

This year, I purchased pre-planted tulip bulbs in a pleasing color that can easily be transplanted into my flowerbeds.  The entire container was just plopped into a pretty footbath.  Quick and Easy Centerpiece.  See Tour 1 for another quick centerpiece.

I've never shown you this perspective before.  We keep the TV tucked away on the far left.  The far right is my hidden appliance cabinet.

Pussy Willow was a favorite as a child.  My grandma once planted a pussy willow tree for me at one of her homes.  Whenever I see it, it is always a sweet reminder of her precious friendship toward me.  This spring, I added it to the pots on my mantle for a dramatic statement.

The exterior is beginning to bloom out!  I can't wait to add more boxwood and hydrangea to the landscape this year.
Be sure and see my dining and formal living room all dressed up for Spring HERE!

Today, I'm joining with a talented group of friends for a SPRING Home Tour and Design Party. Go visit their blog posts for tons of inspiration! 

Slightly Coastal

Make sure and stop by my Instagram to participate in our hashtag series #HomeSpringHome.  Show us how you've sprinkled Spring in your home for a chance to be featured on all of our accounts!!  We can't wait to see.

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Happy Spring!!



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Eleven Gables Home Spring Home Tour, Part 1

It's finally SPRING!  The daffodils are blooming, the peonies are pushing their way up through the thawing earth, and the trees are budding forth new foliage!  I am so ready!!

One of the loveliest bloggers in blogland, A Stroll Thru Life, has invited me to join her fabulous Spring Tour of Homes.  Click HERE to start the tour from the very beginning.  If you are coming via Driven by Decor, welcome!  Kris and I met at the beach a couple years ago and she has been a sweet blog friend to me ever since!!  You definitely do not want to miss out on her gorgeous home! 

To begin my tour, lets start outside...

The Bradford Pears are in full bloom.  As the soft white petals gently float to the ground, they cover the greening grass in white.

The hydrangeas and hostas are leafing out and will soon fill in with beautiful blooms of pink and blue.

The winds will die down in a few weeks, then the flag will go up.  In the meantime, daffodils and camilla are fulfilling my craving for color.

The porches are ready for their spring bath.  It takes a lot of work to get the house cleaned up and ready for spring, but it is so worth it!  Fireflies and Bar-B-Q's are just around the corner!

Can you smell the hyacinth in the air?  Mmmmmmm.

The entryway will receive a fresh coat of paint soon, but I've been moving things around and brightening it up in the meantime!

Carnations in one color are some of my favorite flowers.  They smell like spice and the blooms last forever.  They even dry into pretty ruffles, so I snip the dried blooms and place them in a silver bowl.

My Spring table is inspired by the garden!

I snipped Vinca from the flowerbeds and placed it in blue and white vases at each setting.  Blue and White with fresh greens is my go-to on a budget.  I try and grow things in my landscape that I can easily snip and bring indoors.  If that isn't possible, I have been known to ask neighbors for a bloom or two.  When dividing perennials, I often check with neighbors to see if they want a few "starts."  I love seeing my daisies and lilies all over the neighborhood.  You know, this Vinca will most likely root and I can share it with my neighbors too!

Fresh slipcovered dining chairs lighten up the room and give it a Spring Clean look!

A simple hanging pot of Bacopa purchased at Lowes.  I removed the hanging hardware and plopped it into a blue and white planter.  Instant, inexpensive centerpiece that can later be transplanted into the garden.

One of my favorite aspects of our home is found in the mix... high end/low end, faux/real, new/antique.

The dining room is in the center of the house and gets the least amount of light.  The addition of this large antique mirror reflects the light and opens the room up. 

The hydrangeas are from last years blooms.  They always dry so beautifully.  I snip the blooms before the last freeze then use them until I have fresh blooms again.

The living room received her new sofa. I could write an entire blog on the drama with the sofa, but I will save you from that and say, after a year of searching for the perfect shape, single cushion, slipcovered sofa, I found The One, ordered it, and six months later, it was delivered in one piece- in perfect condition. :)

Let's just take one last look at all this dark woodwork, shall we?  Hopefully my painter isn't too far behind and can get to me soon!

This faux floral centerpiece worked like a charm all winter.  Now that spring is here, roses and peonies are not far behind.  I will put away the faux and snip a few blooms from the garden every few days to sprinkle around the house.

Ahhhhh... the doors are open and springtime is filling the air!

Blue and White Pottery | Blue Plaid Blanket

There is still a chill in the air, so blankets are at the ready!  I love to be able to reach for a blanket easily when I feel cold, so I leave them out strategically.  It helps to purchase colors that blend nicely with your decor.

The rosemary is blooming around St. Francis.

Hosta and Hydrangea are just beginning to leaf out and will soon completely tuck this little Easter lamb away in its' foliage. 

Thank you so much for joining me on this little tour of my entry, dining, and living room.  I will be back later this week showing you my kitchen and keeping room.  Then, in two weeks, I will show you my porches all ready for spring!

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(as seen in Country Living, HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens)

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Happy Spring!!



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