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DIY Quick and Easy Fruit Fly Gnat Trap

It's summer and those pesky fruit fly/gnats are invading my fruit!! 

This is a quick and easy trick to trap those bugs once and for all!!!!

  • one mason jar
  • one piece of paper 
  • tape
  • scissors
  • ripe banana

 First, gather your supplies.

Next, roll your paper into a funnel to have a small opening (about 2-3 millimeters).  

The top should fit snugly in the opening of the mason jar.  You may have to roll and re-roll a couple of times to get this just right.

Mark the paper at the top of the jar.

Trim on your line, making sure it fits snugly.  Don't want those little gnats escaping!!

Now, place a piece of fruit inside the jar.  I have the best luck with bananas.

Lastly, tape the paper securely to the edge of the jar.  Now set your fruit fly trap near your fruit bowl on the counter.  Watch in amazement how the fruit flies gravitate toward the rotting fruit.
When you feel like the fruit fly problem is controlled, just pop the trap in the freezer overnight.  In the morning, carefully remove the tape along the rim, throw the fruit and dead flies into your compost or trash bin.  Pop a new piece of fruit in the jar, re-tape the funnel, and voila! Your trap is reset!! ;)

THIS REALLY WORKS!!! Quick and Easy Fruit Fly Trap

Have a wonderful and pest-free summer!!




  1. Brilliant idea! I hate those pesky things. They love wine too!! UGH!!!

  2. Beyond clever. And without chemicals or toxins.

    Thank you - sometimes those fruit flies are truly pesky!

    (Beginning to think we don't eat enough fruit, though, cuz I haven't had a fruit fly in much too long, haha.)

    Again- very clever trap! Appreciate this!


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