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"Love the Home you Have" book review

My sweet friend, Melissa, who writes the blog The Inspired Room has written a beautiful book.  

Love the Home You Have is the epitome of what I desire as I love my home.  It's all about loving your "right now" home.  I encourage you to pick it up and follow her humor, lessons learned, and advice about creating your "Home of Dreams" right where you are.  She motivates the reader with a 31-day challenge and encourages him/her to declutter, organize and decorate!  With a sprinkling of humor, Melissa focuses on getting to the heart of the matter:  Loving the Home we have!
I encourage you to pick it up and read it.  I believe you will look at your home in a beautiful new perspective.



for details on the kitchen, go HERE


  1. I would definitely like to check this out. Sometimes we want more than it realistically possible. Learning to be happy with what we have and make the most of it within a realistic budget is what true joy and satisfaction is all about.

  2. Just stopping by to say hi to my first blog friend!!! Hope all is well! I haven't read this book but it's definitely on my list. Okay, I don't have a list because I don't read but I really want to get my hands on this book. xoxo

  3. I pre-ordered this book and was so excited when it finally came out!!!!! The Inspired Room was the first blog I ever followed, I love Melissa and her authentic living!


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