Fireplace Remodel

In our formal living room, the fireplace and bookshelves take up an entire wall.  The previous owner stained all of the woodwork a rich, dark cherry color.  I like the warmth of the woodwork, but adding the larger overhang on the new porch blocked a great deal of light into this room.  We have decided that painting the fireplace and surrounding built-ins would completely lighten up the space.  
The marble would need to be changed out with something lighter.

Here is the living room now:

The door and window trim would all remain stained.

Here is what I have envisioned for this room:

White fireplace and book shelves with blue and white accents

Light fireplace with stained trim everywhere else

stained trim with warm, rich tones
via Ralph Lauren Home

Creamy White Fireplace with marble surround

And then there is the whole idea of bookshelves!!

At Christmas, I purchased all of the grasscloth wrapping paper I could find to line the backs of my bookshelves. 

 Or maybe I should paint the back a different shade 

 or just leave them neutral?  

Decisions. Decisions.

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Eleven Gables Laundry | Butler's Pantry | Wrapping | Craft Room

Sharing this post over at PINK PEPPERMINT DESIGN today!  Have you visited her blog before?  It is lovely.  You must pop in for a visit HERE

Hello!  I am Emily of Eleven Gables.  I am so thrilled to be sharing some of my Butler's Pantry/ Laundry room/ Wrapping and Craft room with the fabulous Pink Peppermint Design's readers!  Thank you for allowing me into your home today.  And Thank You, Tammy, for inviting me!!! 

Honestly, I am not an organized person by trait.  I have to work at it.  It does not come easy.  I have a friend who has a rule "touch it once."  Not me, I am like the kid on Family Circus that goes from one room to another and can't remember what I was doing in the first place.  I digress... on to organizing!

Organizing a Pantry can be pretty tricky.  So many grocery items are awkward and bulky.  We purchase in bulk at my home, so it was important to get my pantry area as organized (and pretty) as possible, then keep it that way.

When planning our new pantry area, I had an "ah-ha" moment that square and rectangular storage was the most space effective, so I utilized my newfound knowledge to make the most out of a rather small space.  I used wire baskets to organize my canned food items.  Adjustable shelving helped to add even more storage.  

Larger baskets labeled with categories such as breakfast foods, chips, breads, and pasta keeps the bulky items tidy and easy to reach.  Smaller baskets are labeled spices, nuts, sides, baking, etc.  A top shelf is designated for the "extras"... things I use often enough to have a spare on hand.  

Groceries come straight from the car into the pantry.  Even my five year old knows that everything has a place.  

 Continuing the theme of "everything has a place," tension rods inside a drawer are magical!  They keep ribbon and twine neatly in their place.

Can you believe that LAUNDRY has a place other than the floor.... 

could someone please tell that to my boys!

To see even more of this space and all of my sources, go HERE.  
Happy New Year!  Now, go organize something!