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Easy bottle gift wrap DIY

On our trip to Napa earlier this fall, we brought home some delicious Madeira dessert wines for gift giving.  The short, fat bottles didn't fit in a typical wine bag, so I needed to get creative wrapping them.

First, I measured a length of wrapping paper that wraps around the bottle
Tartan Wrapping Paper can be purchased HERE

Then, I cut the paper into strips all the way to the neck of the bottle

Flip the paper over, wrap your bottle, and secure with tape

Next, gather all the strips and secure with a bow

Holding the base of each strip, pull the strip with your scissors just as you would with curling ribbon (note: if you pull too hard, you WILL tear the paper.  I tore at least three or four strips clean off, but you don't notice when it's all finished)

Voila!  Curled wrapping paper!

Finished bottle!  

You can adapt this technique to most any paper!  I might try a few left uncurled too! 

Merry Gift Giving!!


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  1. Okay... what a fun blog you have here! I just found it, totally by accident, while I was searching out ideas for overhauling a pantry that looks more like an episode of "Hoarders" on TV than anything else. I'm now coveting your pantry, and I've been on Amazon, deciding what wicker baskets and wire baskets I need, and then I just decided that maybe I should invite you over for coffee, and have YOU overhaul my trashed-out pantry shelves! I think I'm going to be a copycat and do a pantry just like yours... Meow, meow! Anyway, I've just spent a sweet forever bopping all over your blog, because the alternative was that I could go fold two loads of laundry that are waiting for me... or I could scrub toothpaste splatters out of the bathroom sink, while the toddler naps. I chose to just keep clicking all over your blog. So, I just had to give you an enormous shout-out and say, "Well played on your pantry! Well played!" I'm going to see if I can do something very similar at our house, because (as I'm sure you already know with boys), our pantry looks like a holy mess all the time, with everyone running in for a snack and then just throwing stuff haphazardly... ON ANY SHELF, because that is what a boy just DOES!

    1. Girl, you should have seen my other pantry. I need to post a picture of IT! I'd love to come organize your pantry! How fun would that be?! So glad you are here! BTW, now that everything has a place, my boys do a great job of putting things back in their place... who knew?! Thank you for your sweet & fun comment! xox, Emily


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