Salted Caramel Apple Cider

A quick recipe to get through the holidays!

Salted Caramel Apple Cider

One bottle Salted Caramel Vodka
One gallon apple cider 
Mulling spices
follow directions on the container
(I have used Aspen Mulling Spices from Cracker Barrel and Williams Sonoma Mulling Spices... I don't have a preference on either, just whatever is handy) 

Simmer your apple cider and mulling spices for 20 minutes

Ladle cider into mugs and top off with one shot of Salted Caramel Vodka

Serve hot and drink responsibly! 

I pour any leftover cider from the pot into these bottles and place them in the fridge for a chilly day.  Whenever I need a hot beverage, the cider is ready for the mixing!!  

xox, Emily

How to make your own Blue and White China Ornaments

Recently, I was at a store and saw some gorgeous Chinoiserie blue and white china ornaments for sale.  These have always been on my wish list to put in my blue and white kitchen.  I thought there was no way I could attempt these, but for a few dollars I was willing to try my hand at painting some myself! 

I picked up these ornaments from my local craft store, removed the ribbon, and washed the surface of the ornaments.

Using my coffee mug as inspiration, I start with the top of the ornament and work my way down... with a SHARPIE!!!  Could you die?!  Make sure it is a brand new sharpie with a nice tip to it.

This ornament was started in the car.  My husband was driving us on various errands and I was hooked on these ornaments, so I just did my best.  If you look closely at hand painted china, you will notice slight imperfections.  Those imperfections make each piece unique and special.

Pretty sure I am sitting in the car here while my husband and boys run into the sports store. 

We settled in for an evening of ELF with the boys.  I had to place the ornament in a glass to reduce shaking from all of the giggling on the sofa.  This jar is my inspiration for this ornament.  Start with the basics and overall design.

Then add details...
Work all the way around until you have the finished ornament.  

Which one is your favorite?

I am pretty partial to this toile...

Don't be afraid to try this at home!  This was my first one I made...  super easy and very basic!

Our home, Eleven Gables, depicted below.

 A custom "Lilly Pulitzer" inspired ornament for a friend.

I'd love to hear that you tried this at home!!!  
Not interested in making your own?  
Contact me at to place a custom order.

What are you crafting for the holidays?

Thanks for stopping by!!  Let me know in the comments how your ornaments turned out!

xox, Emily

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How To Gild Almost Anything Without Breaking the Bank & a FABULOUS HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY

It's a beautiful Wednesday!  The sun is shining, the snow and ice have melted, the boys are back in school, and we are finally going to get FALL weather back in Oklahoma!  

Are you in shock that it is already the middle of November and not one present is hiding in the back of your closet?!  I am!!  But boy, do I have a wonderful surprise for you today.  Thanks to some of my blogging friends, I now have an idea of what to put on my Christmas wish list!  We have teamed together to GIVE one lucky reader the entire lot of our Favorite Goodies!  Each item is valued around $30.00.  That makes you the lucky winner of $300.00 in gifts!  Make sure you visit their blogs and see why each blogger chose their favorite gift to be included in this giveaway (bottom of this post).

Have you ever seen beautifully gilded objects but the price was a tad out of reach?  Or you just want to paint something and add a touch of gilding to the piece?  Well, now you can!  I am giving the lucky winner a jar of gilding wax and a set of agate-inspired coasters... just in time for the Holidays!   You can DIY your own agate coasters!!

Here are the Agate-Inspired Coasters: 

One jar of European Gilding Wax.  It doesn't look like a lot, but it will go far!

Place each coaster on a paper towel.  The wax can flake a little, so a paper towel keeps the mess to a minimum.

Dip your brush (or finger) in the wax and apply it to the edges of the coaster.  I liked using a brush to give more of a leaf look to the edge.  

These turned out perfect and look so pretty on my cocktail table.   I found the coasters for $10 at Target and already had the gilding wax (valued at $20), so this was a win win in my book!

Another touch of gold was added to these metal antlers for my son's tween room makeover.  I forgot to take a before picture, but you can see the brown/rust color below.

A little bit of wax then rub it in with a paper towel.

And there you go!  Gilded antlers!

You can also apply gilding wax to furniture as I did to this formal bathroom vanity:

Aren't you ready to go gild something??  

Now on to the goods....  This is such a fun giveaway!  

The giveaway:
1. Sephora Collection Palette in Nude: The Holiday's are the perfect time to step up your makeup game and this Sephora eyeshadow palette is my go to for Holiday parties. The colors last and are warm and perfect for winter tones. I also think that it makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your girlfriend. -Mallory, Charming in Charlotte

2. Geometric Pillow Cover + Your Monogram and 6 Diamond Ornaments: At Christmas, I'm all about adding little bits of sparkle around the house.  I've had a set of these oversized diamond ornaments for a few years, and when I recently came across more at a local store, I thought you might like some too!  They really stand out and shine with the lights on the tree.  Also, I love a good monogrammed pillow, and one in a designer look-alike fabric for Christmas is even better!  This is for the covers only, and I will monogram the center with the winner's initials of choice.  
-Jennifer, Dimples and Tangles 

3. As most of my followers already know, I love including animals into my decor and I just adore the animal plates by Rachel Kozlowski for West Elm. To me they are the perfect combination of quirky chic animal decor and I have an entire wall full of them in our kitchen (which you can see HERE). There are some colored and neutral plates. I like them all and they make me happy when I look at them. -Julia, Cuckoo 4 Design

4. Nate Berkus Metal Wing Bowl: I am a sucker for all things Nate Berkus and this angel wing bowl is no exception! It’s such a unique and affordable piece and the gold seals this deal. It will be an amazing conversation piece on your holiday entry table or for serving treats at Christmas dinner!  -Summer, Simple Stylings

5. Suzanne Wristlet and Tassels: I love this wristlet because it is the perfect size for a kid-free night out.  I spend so much time lugging lunch boxes, diaper bags, jackets, sippy cups, and whatever else is thrown in my hands that I love to go out with as little as possible.  It has enough room to hold the essentials: lipstick, my phone, and a credit card and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  I added the tassels because, let's face it, everything is better with tassels!I grabbed couple of these for Christmas gifts and I love that I could play around with color combinations so they will perfectly fit the recipient!
6. King Gold Gilding Wax: French Gilding Wax is the perfect way to add a touch of gold without spending a fortune.  It is extremely easy to apply and is the closest thing to the look of real gold leaf.  You will be receiving a set of Threshold agate coasters and a jar of Kings Gold French Gilding Wax.  -Emily, Eleven Gables

7. J. Crew Crystal & Gem Cluster Necklace: I love heels and a dress as much as anyone, but my favorite way to dress lately for the everyday is in classic, casual silhouettes with a bit of sparkle to add some interest.  This necklace is currently on heavy rotation in my wardrobe!  It's as perfect for a Tuesday afternoon as it is for a Saturday night.
8. Marquise Crystal Statement Necklace: The minute you brought up a favorite things giveaway, I immediately thought of jewelry.  I have what some may call a "slight obsession"...especially when it comes to statement necklaces.  They are such versatile pieces.  They can be the finishing touch for a dressy outfit or add an unexpected pop to casual attire.  To me, they are a must-have for any girl!
-Gabbi, Retro Ranch Reno

9. Everyday I'm Hustlin' Hat: I chose this because it's on my own wish list! I love the trucker style of this hat, and love to wear hats!  I also love the sentiment and I think it's one we can all relate to, especially around the Holidays!
10. Steve Madden Buffalo Plaid Infinity Scarf: One of my favorite gifts to give is a chic scarf.  With all the pretty designs, sizes, materials, and colors it makes it easy to find one to fit everyone's style.  I love how adding a scarf to a simple outfit makes a huge statement and adds an instant pop of color.  It's a fun, classy, versatile accessory that makes a great gift!
Hopefully, you are inspired and ready to shop, got to know these amazing gals a little better, and now will head over to their blogs for more Holiday inspiration...

DIY Hunting Themed Rustic Frame and Deer Print

You all have been so generous with your kind words about my son's room!  Thank you.  

I can't wait to share this tutorial with you for making your very own Bullet Casings Rustic Frame.

My son and I came up with this one day after spending some time at the shooting range.  He came home with a handful of shells and I suggested we make them into something awesome for his room.

Here are the supplies you will need:
  • One rustic frame (I purchased this at Hobby Lobby with my coupon)
  • One picture hanging kit
  • One tube of E6000 Epoxy (adheres wood and metal)
  • Approximately 100 bullet casings (uniform in size) 
  • A really cool image printed on ivory card stock (see below how we downloaded this print for free!)

Install your hanging wire.

Here is the link to this gorgeous free print!  To print it, you must enter the website, click on the image to enlarge it, right click it to save it, then open your saved image and hit print.  Sometimes, you will have to adjust your size to fit your frame.

Trim your image to accommodate your frame.

After thoroughly washing and drying your bullet casings, start adding epoxy to the frame.  Epoxy is stinky and you must be working in a well ventilated room.

Add casings all the way around.

You will end up with an even amount of shells all the way around the frame.  Allow the shells to dry fully in a flat, well-ventilated area. 

(We ran out for the second frame.  We are due for another trip to the range)

And HERE is another gorgeous deer print for free!!

This was such a fun project to do together!  I can't wait to see what variations you come up with!   Overall, each framed picture cost less than $20.00!  

See that awesome bulletin board under the brass deer mount?  That tutorial is coming next!

Have fun making this frame and stay tuned for more DIY from the Ralph Lauren Inspired Tween room!

xox,  Emily

Masculine Tween Room

Welcome!  You know you have been busy when you haven't written a post in a month!  Life has been exciting here at Eleven Gables.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that:
I turned 40, my husband whisked me away to Napa, the boys have kept me busy with mounds of homework each night, I've they have written three book reports, I have had the pleasure of working on three client's homes, and I have been working, in my spare time, to complete this fun challenge of the "Fall in Love Room Make-Over."  Thank you to my biggest fans, my five boys.  They have spurred me on, given me "mommy time," and accompanied me on way too many trips to the store for this or that.  Thank you to Cassie from Primitive and Proper for inviting me to take part in this makeover series.  If you haven't had an opportunity to look at some of the other room makeovers, I challenge you to do it!  I am honored to be among some real talent!!   Bliss at Home just completed a gorgeous modern kid room and Newly Woodwards did a whole barn workshop!

And now, on to the makeover!!

  I turned our once darling nursery (sniff, sniff)... 

...into a Ralph Lauren Lodge inspired tween room for my oldest son. 

 He definitely had opinions about what he wanted in this room.  He loves all things hunting, fishing, and camouflage.  The wall color was chosen first to reflect the color of his boy scout uniform shorts.  The shorts are a gorgeous olive color, a little dark for the walls, but we found a complimentary color that worked perfectly!  The walls are painted in Valspar "Cliveden Gray Morning."  

My son and I have been pinning items to his Pinterest board for about a year now.  He tells me an idea and I tuck it away for such a time as this.  I may have only shown him lots of Ralph Lauren's rooms with tons of plaid for inspiration.

He wanted his room to feel like a log cabin, so we hunted for a log bed that would give a cabin feel.  I upholstered the box spring in a windowpane check.  Don't ask what fabric it is... I have no idea.  I found it in the remnant section at Hancock about 8 years ago.  I hoard fabric.  I have a problem.  Just ask my family.

The antlers are from my son's first hunting trip with his Poppy.

A cozy chair is the perfect reading spot for this boy who loves to read!

Tutorial and details about this frame and a free printable are coming soon!  

Another DIY project coming soon... this bulletin board holds many treasures.

The best view in the house!

This built in desk is the ultimate display area for my son's treasures.

By attaching stick-on magnets to his lures, we are able to display them in an organized way.

 Yes, he collects bones.  This boy can spot a bone a mile away.  He has come home with deer bones, a beaver's skull, various teeth, mouse bones, antlers, you name it.

I begged him to let me keep a few of his baby things out.  I'm sure they will be hidden away before too long.

Name that skull... 

If you squint, you can see him holding a giant fish in that picture.


As I mentioned in my before post here, we desperately needed a new dresser.  I wanted something that was antique, but that was still substantial enough to hold a few socks and t-shirts.  This one was on casters which made it perfect.  My boys have geography homework like crazy.  They are always pulling out these big maps, so I thought I'd just throw them up on the wall so they can easily look at them.  The dresser moves out of the way easily on its casters.

These gilded antlers are an easy DIY.  I'll show you next week!  I'm including a jar of this golden goodness in a giveaway, so stay tuned!

A vintage drum holds a bow and arrows.

Behind the door is a favorite hat (covered in camo duck tape) and a fishing vest.  

 The buffalo check has been sitting in my fabric closet for many years begging to come out!  I'm so thrilled it finally made an appearance!  You can make this sturdy curtain rod by following this tutorial.  I rubbed it down with Ebony Rub-n-buff to tone down the bright silver.  The curtain rings will be sewn on... eventually.  :)

 One last look at my son's masculine tween room. 

Thank you for stopping by and supporting me in this blogging adventure!  I love Instagram and post, almost daily, about life here at Eleven Gables.  I would love for you to follow along with me there.  This 6 week deadline has been just the push I needed to get this room done.  Now, I'm itching to do another room!!  Shhhh, don't tell my husband!  

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