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What I am up to...

Hello friends!  I just wanted to share a quick update on what I am doing.  

I've been incorporating my "brand" over here on the website...  I made this logo for my business back in July and want my blog to be a reflection on my business...

my logo:  The blue represents my love for all things blue and white.
The house is my house of 11 gables.  This is the name I gave my house when we bought it.  I plan on finishing up the blog's overall look (tabs & icons) once school starts.  

I am a "retired" registered nurse with a passion for decorating.  You can see my projects on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.  Be sure and follow me there to keep up with all of my goings on.  I am currently working on a new build for a client with a taste for clean lines and symmetry.  Love her!  

Next week, 11 Magnolia Lane is featuring an organizational  project of mine.

Here is a sneak peek:

For those of you who have been waiting to see what is behind the cabinets here in my kitchen, the wait is almost over.
 If you haven't checked out the kitchen, go see it now!!!!  http://11gables.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-story-of-kitchen-remodel-it-is.html

(highest Pinned image to date!)

I have also been recently featured on Miss Mustard Seed here and hereDimples and TanglesSavvy Southern Style, French Country Cottage, and The Creative Exchange.  A sincere Thank You to these sweet ladies who pour over many, many posts each week.  I am honored you chose me! xo

I am going to take a week off and be Intentional with my family.  Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook to see what we are up to.  

Thank you for your support of my new blogging adventure!  I am enjoying sharing my love of home with you. 




  1. love the logo and have fun with your family! i want to take the rest of summer off, ok?

    1. Thanks, Cassie! Loved the sand and the beach, but happy to be home now! xo, Emily

  2. Big things coming sister!!!! Love it!!!

  3. Congrats!!! And no wonder that image is so pinned..gorgeous!!

  4. Love your logo and your kitchen! Enjoy your time with family!

    1. Thank you, Bethany! Thinking about you packing!! exciting!! xo

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Enjoy your family time!

  6. We're so glad that you shared your gorgeous kitchen cupboard command center as part of Operation: Organization at 11 Magnolia Lane. I hope you've had a lovely break with your family, Emily!

    1. Thank you for including me, Christy! All of the posts have been wonderful. xo

  7. I just love your kitchen and especially your command center/appliance garage.
    Can you share with me a few of your dimensions?
    How big is your cabinet/appliance garage?
    What are the dimensions of your island?
    What size is your window above the sink?


I enjoy hearing from you! I read each comment and will answer any questions you might have. Thank you for stopping by!!