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How To Fix a Spraying Faucet

Ever wonder why your spray comes out of your faucet all crazy?  
This is a simple tutorial showing you how to fix that spraying faucet!

Out of control spray!

Simply grab an old rag and pliers and twist off the aerator in a clockwise position.  
If it isn't coming off, you may need to clean any residue from around the joints.
(Rag is to protect the aerator from getting scratched)

With a firm twist, I got my aerator off.  This was in my faucet.  Gross!!!
(Disclaimer:  We have well water and have numerous filters, but extremely hard water)

I had to use a flat-head screw driver to remove the o-ring

Then, I pushed gently with the end of my pliers to push the screens out. 

Not sure why there were two o-rings and two screens... but there it is in all of its glory.

Soak it all in a bowl of white distilled vinegar until all the sediment is loose.

Rinse the screens under water and everything should come loose.  You can also use a product called CLR, but I didn't have any handy, so I stuck with vinegar.
At this time, it would be a good idea to replace the o-ring, but I didn't want to run to the store and mine were okay for today.  I'll put that on my list.

Put it all back in the aerator. 

Place the aerator back on the faucet in a counter-clockwise position.

Voila!  A steady stream again!!!  

Wasn't that easy?!

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