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Eleven Gables trip to Carlton Landing

Hi Friends!  I have been missing you!  This summer has been packed with lots of fun with my boys.  We took a two day trip to a fabulous lake community on Lake Eufaula called Carlton Landing in Oklahoma.

After pulling in to the drive, there is a goat pen, a pig pen, and a large garden.  Then winding around the bend, you come to this:
A gorgeous lookout point overlooking the lake. This is where the love affair with Carlton Landing began. 

We visited some old friends and made new friends. In the evening, we sat on the porch and sipped wine while our children freely ran around the neighborhood. 
(photo credit- 4 year old, found on mommy's phone)

Here is a picture of our cottage:

The boys visited the community chicken coop at least four times a day to check for eggs

All of the homes are just darling.

Very much my style!  Screened porches, rockers, and margaritas in a jar ("jargaritas" a.k.a. "Carlton Landing Punch")
I imagine this little slice of heaven is similar to days gone by.

 Very laid back atmosphere. We can't wait to visit again.

Of course, I came home and made my porch a little more inviting for my neighbors to pop by for a visit!


  1. pschoggins@yahoo.comJune 15, 2014 at 6:59 PM

    My visit to Carlton Landing was great! I loved the idea of the kids riding bikes and playing around the neighborhood without worrying about they. Like you said, a step back in time.

    1. When did you go? Where do you currently live? Are you dying to move there? I think it is a wonderful little jewel. I am ready to sell my possessions and MOVE! or at least have a little lake house ;)


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