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School is out for Summer!

It's Summer Vacation here in my area. If you follow me on Instagram @ElevenGables, you would see that my family endured a violent stomach virus this last week of school. Everyone was back to school in time for the last day!  I even gathered myself and made an appearance at the parties. It was an absolute army crawl to the finish line, but we made it!  Hooray!
(ignore the cupola sitting on my porch... It was damaged in a hailstorm and that is where it sits until it reaches the top of my to-do list.  Also no lanterns, but the electrician should be installing all light fixtures this Tuesday)

So, with today being our first day of summer, the boys and I sat down to write out some fun activities they would like to do these next couple of months. 

This is the list so far....

We also discussed having a schedule this summer (I am very unstructured, so I need this as much as they do).  They helped me come up with the times and activities for their days. 

This is a rough draft of what the schedule will be.  

We are going to try it out and make adjustments as needed.

You will notice on Instagram that I am considering homeschooling as an option, (sick boy on the porch--no furniture yet)
so I thought this summer was a perfect time to see if I could get my act together.

The boys are actually really excited to have a schedule. They immediately went to their rooms and tidied them. Then they begged me to check them and grade them on who's was the best!  I was stunned to see my four year old put away all of his clean laundry (a full basket)!!  It wasn't folded, but it made it to the appropriate drawers.  Bonus!  We celebrated with a picnic lunch at the Pond!

My heart is full.  I am looking forward to many days of summer!!  (check on me in August!)

I know this post has nothing to do with my house or remodel, but I just wanted to give you a little glimpse behind the scenes.

If you insist on seeing what went on with Eleven Gables, the house, today...
We have GUTTERS!!  (I'll do a post soon about the tennis ball size hail that hit our home at the tail end of our kitchen remodel)

Just in time for a nice little rain!  

Happy Summer, sweet followers!


  1. You inspired me to have a summer schedule, too! Of course, that means we'll have to be home enough to follow it. Hasn't happened yet and Caleb leaves for Super Summer tomorrow. Definitely doing this when things settle down a bit!

  2. We are contemplating homeschooling as well. Would love to know how it goes.

    1. Ashley, my oldest son has a math tutor now. I don't know why I waited so long. He is extremely unfocused. The first few weeks of reviewing math with him were a challenge. He started with a tutor a week and a half ago and is already excelling. I don't know if I have the focus and mental stamina to keep him in line. I am going to revisit the option of homeschool in August. If he is caught up in Math, I will probably send him on to school. I believe homeschool is an excellent option. Have you read the above book by Cathy Duffy? It is an excellent starting point.


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