The Story of an Eleven Gables Kitchen Remodel: It is finished!

Welcome back to the Kitchen Remodel!!  If you missed the beginning of the story, you can find it here, here, and here!  Exciting stuff, but THIS post is the MOST exciting!!  We are absolutely loving our new kitchen!

Our sink is flanked by dishwashers.  A dream...  They are always full and running.  Kind of like my boys.  Except they are never full.  They are always hungry and running.  
The window opens out to a brick patio for ease in serving lunch to the hungry swimmers outside.

My sink is Blanco Magnum large single bowl with apron and towel bar, windows are all by Marvin, countertop and backsplash are Caesarstone in London Grey.  It was important for me to carry the countertop up the backsplash for a clean, timeless look.  The faucet is WaterStone Annapolis Traditional Pulldown faucet.

I love having a clean and empty island. I can cook while the boys do their homework or just sit and have a snack.  

Six burner Kitchen-Aid range top, Ice Maker to the left, Sub-Zero fridge and freezer.

The island hides my KitchenAid mixer lift on the left and a huge trashcan on the right.

This is my hidden coffee bar, microwave, and cluttery desk area...  some day I will show you inside all the cabinets and drawers.  Each space was very carefully thought out.

New Windows and Paint in the family room completely lighten the "keeping room."

please look past all of the florals... Slips will come soon enough, but my husband says, "Wait!" :)

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The Story of An Eleven Gables Kitchen Remodel: And we have cabinets!

 And we have cabinets!!!

New and better drawings are more "to scale" than my last sketches.  This is what the carpenter went by as he made every cabinet on site.... for six weeks.  

We laid each cabinet out PIECE by PIECE.... This was a full time job for me as I was involved in every tiny aspect... down to how wide I wanted each "style."

So... here is a rookie mistake.  I thought I wanted a good 20" from the countertop to the hanging cabinets so I could put cute lamps or trays on my counters...  What I didn't plan on was the extra height from putting all of my electrical boxes in the bottoms of the cabinets so as not to disrupt the backsplash.  This made the "reach factor" VERY high... like 24-25" high.  I hated it.  To reach even the lowest cabinet shelf, I was going to need a step-stool.  My carpenter laughed when he came back the next day.  I explained my dilemma and we decided to just lower the cabinets and add extra moulding at the top, which actually worked out marvelously.  I LOVE the thickness of the extra moulding.

Before Lowering the Uppers:

 Lowered cabinets and yes, we have cardboard on the island.  Remember, we are living here!!

Extra moulding looking fabulous! 

Extra moulding on the rest of the upper cabinets!  Here you can see on the brick floor what was the "old" kitchen.  Darker brick is the sealed brick from old kitchen.  We gained so much space.  I love having 5 feet between the sink and my island.  All of my boys are constantly in this space, so we aren't stepping on each other anymore.

Again, the old island is shown on the brick floor.  We ended up cutting one brick worth of wood floor and adding about a foot more of flooring in that direction.  

Notice the "feet" on the toe kicks?  Each had to be hand scribed to fit against the brick floor.  I drew the little design and my awesome carpenter hand made over 20 of these little feet for me.

And the primer is going on!! 

Family room before:

Family Room After!!  

If I would have known we were about to get hit by tennis ball size hail, I would have saved the expense of painting all of those windows!!  The paper wasn't even off the glass when we got hit by the storm.  

Next time, I will reveal the completed kitchen!!  I can't wait to show you!  Then, the laundry room is next!!  Wait until you see it!  

I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.  Make sure you "follow me" so you don't miss out on the big reveal!!

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