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Let the Demolition Begin!

Welcome back and thank you for following me on this fun adventure!  
If you haven't read the previous post about the kitchen remodel, you will find it here.
I will now take you through the first phase.... putting the exterior wall and roofline up and tearing down the interior wall.
This is the exterior of the kitchen:  far left windows are the family room, breakfast nook (pop out), kitchen sink window hidden behind the tree, laundry room window (this used to be a door but we redid it when we moved in), mudroom doors (these used to be windows... see story here).

Another view of the house.  Dear husband is relocating the tree.  The "turtle box" got moved then thrown out.  Ruby, the Rat Terrier, is checking everything out.  
We decided to match the existing roofline of the kitchen dining bump out.  This would give us a total of about 125 extra feet to work with.  

Here is the kitchen again showing the eating area.

The youngest watching: 

Out comes the concrete:

Plumbing is accessed:

Prepping for foundation work:

seriously dude?  all over my front yard?

Little man building his own "house"

Fast forward several days and we have walls and a roofline.  Both windows had to be moved after this photo in order to make the inside work... Left kitchen moved to the left 14".  Laundry window moved down 8".

And here is the only photo I took of the exterior before we got hit by a huge hailstorm!  Tennis ball size hail for 30 minutes damaged all of the siding and some of the windows.  We are still in the workings of upgrading all of the vinyl siding to Hardie Board.  All of the windows just got replaced with new paned Marvin Aluminum Clad windows to match the new windows below.

The new french casement kitchen windows swing out.  This feature is so much fun!  The boys like to be served lunch out the window.  In the future, I would love to add a marble bar area under the window, so we can sit here and visit with the chef... like this:  

Stay Tuned for more!  I'll be moving to the interior next!!
I can't wait to show you all the "fun" we had!!

What do you think?  I'd love to hear from you!

xo, Emily

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