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Starting from Scratch

I started this particular post last year, but life happened and I put the blog on the back burner.  I'm so happy to be back and I can't wait to share my adventures with you now!
One year ago today, Valentine's day 2013, my kitchen, exterior wall, and roofline were demolished.  We were finally starting our kitchen remodel, seven years after saving and living!!  I have helped clients build their dream homes and now it was time to turn my dream home into a livable, workable, comfortable spot for my family.

Remodeling is much like childbirth; painful but rewarding.
Read, enjoy, and stay tuned for more.

Valentine's Day 2013
It's time.  
The family is complete.  
The boys are getting bigger and eating like crazy. 
My husband is honing his culinary obsession.
We have outgrown our kitchen.  
All six of us are in there ALL THE TIME.
If someone isn't able to reach the guacamole fast enough... while it is being made, attitudes flair.  
I'll admit, I never cared for the kitchen.  It was something I could live with.
Busy Granite gives me a headache.  Dark woodwork sends me into depression.
But the LOT!  The fabulous LOT.
1.3 acres right next to the neighborhood pond, backing up to a wooded greenbelt.  It feels like 10 acres.
The long driveway for the children to ride their bikes on.  
A gated neighborhood not far from the city, with a small, independent public school.

Our kitchen was built for an older, retired couple that didn't care for cooking.
Here are the before shots:

This window overlooks the pool.  There was a large tree blocking the visibility of the pool.  The dishwasher was new and has a temporary door.  All the cabinets were dropped down... just far enough to catch dust.  The distance from the island to the sink is 3 feet.  The protruding ovens completely blocked my view of the other window.  Do you see the little transitional piece from the wood floor to the brick?  Want to know how many babies tripped on it?  I kept all of the LB Brass pewter hardware, JennAir stoves, Kitchenaid Microwave, and SubZero fridge/freezer.  That saved me a small fortune!

 This wall backs to the dining room.  It was NEVER this clean!  I don't think I sat at the desk once.  This counter was really a cluttery catch all.  Notice the trip transition piece on the floor again.

The stove is in the busiest spot of the kitchen.  I once caught my son's homework folder on fire.  His teacher sent a replacement and written across the front in Sharpie was:  Please do not catch this folder on fire. :)  This downdraft vent was so drafty, we had to shove a towel down there to keep the air out.

This sink LOOKS like a great idea... if the disposal would have been in the other side.  Total mess trying to rinse dishes down that sink.  I loved the fixtures.  I saved these to reuse in my laundry room.

The previous owner stored all of her crystal here.  Perfect spot for FOUR little boys. :)  This was a total waste of space for us.... as you can see by the clutter collected there.

Next time, I will start the demo phase.  I can't wait to show you the end product!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

xo,  Emily


  1. And I can't wait to see the end result !!! I received the heart ❤️garland yesterday , it's adorable !! Thanks again ❗️

    Kathy :)

    1. I'm so happy you like it! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! xoxo


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