my mudroom

When we moved into our forever house, the floorplan was a little different.  As you walk in from the garage, there was a large room with a bunch of windows overlooking the pool.  It was called a "study."  The entrance to the pool was through the laundry room.  I did not like going in and out of the laundry room.  It was difficult to have a pool party then direct my guests through the laundry room to get in the house.  We decided to forego a family trip one year and spend the money on french doors and a new window.  We made the existing laundry room door into a window and the three study windows were changed out with new french doors.  We LIVE in our new mudroom.  It is such a lovely spot now.  

 This was my inspiration!
Loved the doors covering any mess up above.
Loved the corbels.  Loved the 4 hooks.
Hated the shoe storage.

 Loved the idea of drawers for the shoes and the look of furniture.

This is what I came up with!  We love it! 
I have baskets in the upper cabinets with seasonal items.
We also keep our extra car DVD player in there and even the kids roller skates!  Having the piece custom made was actually more affordable than trying to find one to fit the spot... and we didn't have to relocate the intercom or light switches.  There is an outlet behind one of the drawers.  I keep an extension plug in the drawer to plug in the boys handheld toys.  Ignore the fan.  Someday it will go missing... just don't tell my husband ;)