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Come on in!

I learned many years ago that it is more hospitable to just say, "Come in! We are living!" than not having friends over because of a messy house. These days, it seems my house is always messy... I picked up at least 14 socks yesterday. The boys come in from school, take off their shoes in the mudroom, then remove their socks wherever they please. After a snack, they can't remember where they left their socks, so they grab another pair. They proceed to go outside and roll in the mud (or so it seems). Not liking their feet wet and muddy, they drop their socks (rolled into a little ball) in the garage. This is my life. and I LOVE IT! So, come on over, step over the socks, look past the mountains of laundry, move the toys out of a chair, and have a cup of coffee with me.

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